WATCH | Rohit Sharma entertains himself with spider-cam during drinks-break in Nagpur

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WATCH | Rohit Sharma entertains himself with spider-cam during drinks-break in Nagpur

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While Test matches are a joy to watch, there are days when the longest format struggles to bring across any entertainment whatsoever. Day 1 of the Nagpur Test, against Sri Lanka, was one such day, but it didn't stop Rohit Sharma from having some fun with the spider-camera during the drinks break.

Unlike the last Test match at the Eden Gardens, the Nagpur game wasn’t a very exciting affair. Though India got wickets at intervals, the Sri Lanka batsmen had kept themselves in a shell hardly taking any risk. The almost-empty Vidarbha Cricket Stadium didn’t help the cause either and the match was proceeding at a lethargic pace with no urgency among the players.

Amidst all this, Rohit Sharma found a new entertainment source for himself on the cricket field, something no player has ever tried before - the Spidercam. It was during the drinks break, with Sri Lanka reduced to 78/3 after 38 overs with the last five overs producing as little as six runs, when the free-roaming camera came down near the Mumbaikar and they both shared a light moment.

The TV switched to the Spidercam angle and one could see Rohit playing holding it with a sly smile and adjusting it to his face. The camera had come down amidst the players to give the viewers a feel of the drinks-break and with the short break coming to an end, the players were walking back to take their positions on the field. Rohit looked confused and appeared to be asking players, whether it would go up. 

Soon, it started moving up with the game commencing but Rohit wasn’t willing to let it go and he jumped to grab it, before realizing he could actually break the sophisticated device. A camera then switched the angle to the guy who was controlling the spider-cam, who had a slight grin on his face.

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