WATCH | Joe Root take a nasty Starc bouncer in the helmet and Twitter goes into meltdown

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WATCH | Joe Root take a nasty Starc bouncer in the helmet and Twitter goes into meltdown

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The Ashes have always been the most competitive series in Test cricket and despite the rivalry on the field, off it, there has always been mutual admiration. Today, when a Mitchell Starc bouncer almost knocked out Joe Root, the former was the first person to approach Root to check on his condition.

Injuries are part and parcel of every sport and some of them can be unbearable to watch. The death of Phil Hughes, who was hit by a bouncer at the back of the head, sent shock waves down the cricketing world. It appears that the incident is still fresh in Australia as even with the Ashes on the line, Starc was quick to check with Roy after he was hit by a fearsome bouncer. 

In the first Test, with England on the ropes, Root was facing a Mitchell Starc who smelt blood. Bowling at a pace of 144.4 kph, on a wicket that was finally showing signs of good bounce, Starc bowled a short delivery which was right on the money. The ball his Root flat on his helmet and it looked like a jarring blow as the Englishman looked dazed by the hit. The replays showed that ball smashed into the helmet on his left side at such as speed that the strap had come right off. What followed was a great display of sportsmanship as the Australian players, led by Starc, reached out to Root checking on his well being. 

After Root had been cleared to continue by the English medical staff, Starc bowled yet another bouncer, that missed the England skipper narrowly, to show that the game was back on.

Here are the tweets about the incident and the game:

The Australian cricket team remembers!

The same can't be said about the Aussie crowd though!

Joe Root takes it like a champ! :)

Normal service resumes!

England's day in a single tweet! 

But what an innings from Steve Smith today!

Steve Smith giving Virat Kohli a run for his money!

Yeah, that's how long Smith's innings lasted! 

Will history repeat itself?

And finally this....

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