Rohit Sharma mentally relieved after ending Test hibernation

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Rohit Sharma mentally relieved after ending Test hibernation

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Rohit Sharma is personally happy to end his Test exile with a century against Sri Lanka and stated that he was eagerly awaiting this opportunity. The newly appointed skipper for the SL ODI series also added that he lost a lot of focus worrying about Tests and now he just wants to enjoy the format.

Rohit was all set to make his Test debut against South Africa at the VCA Stadium in Nagpur in 2010, but he injured himself while playing football on the morning of the game and as a result of it, he ended up waiting more than three and a half years for his Test debut in 2013. More than seven years since that fateful morning in Nagpur, Rohit returned to the same venue at a very different juncture in his Test career as he hadn’t played in the format for more than a year. While fighting to keep himself in the fray, the Test No. 6 scored a sparkling century that played a huge part in India’s innings and 239-run win over Sri Lanka in the second Test.

“Personally for me, it was very important as I was playing Test cricket after nearly 500 days. I have been waiting for this opportunity and I am glad that I could put some runs on the board for myself and the team. Really happy that it was worth waiting for so long. I clearly remember this was the ground where I got injured and I had to wait three years to make my Test debut. This ground has now given me something now to go back with. Very happy and pleased with the way we played,” Rohit told reporters after the match on Monday (November 27), reported PTI.

Despite the century, Rohit isn’t a sure-shot starter in the playing XI in the forthcoming series against South Africa, especially since India would want to go back to their strategy of playing five specialist bowlers. However, the ODI opening batsman is not too worried about that and wants to stay clear of the complicated things.

“My plans are simple and clear. I don’t want to complicate things, which I have done in the past. When I came into the team, I just thought too much about it and gave too much importance. At the end of the day, it’s just a cricket match that you have to play, (so) don’t worry about anything else. Initially, my focus was so much on Test cricket – “oh no, this is Test cricket, I have to do well, I have to do this and that”. In thinking that, I lost a lot of focus and forgot what I was there for and what I needed to do,” he explained.

“When I was inexperienced, when I just came into the team, there were a lot of things that I used to think about, but not anymore. I’ve passed that age and I shouldn’t be thinking what happened in the past. I should be ready for what is coming next, because that’s what matters. What has happened in the past is gone – you can never change it. For me, I can change things looking forward, and looking forward means the Delhi Test match and thereafter the one-day series and then the South Africa series.”

Rohit’s score in last five innings read, 68*, 2, 82, 51* and now 102*, which aggregates to a total of 305 runs at an average of 152.50 and this amazing run of scores has also lifted his overall Test average above 40. But thanks to the quality of India's Test batting line-up, and Virat Kohli’s tendency to play five specialist bowlers, Rohit has not been a regular member of India's Test line-up. Despite the century, he remains the likeliest batsman to miss out when India next decide to play an extra bowler or an all-rounder. But Rohit doesn’t want to lose sleep over the matter and doesn’t regret the way things have turned out for him.

“There will always be regrets in your life. Even if you score 10,000 runs, you will feel, 'oh, I should have scored 15,000 runs'. Or people will tell you, 'you should have scored 15,000 runs, man'. So that’s what it is. That’s what this world is and that’s what we’re living in. But for me I’m glad that I’m back on my feet, because when I went through that injury (last year), at one point I was thinking whether I’ll be able to walk or not, because the injury was very bad. I’m lucky that I’m on my feet, playing and scoring some runs, so yes, I’m happy. I’m not someone who will think about what has happened in the past. I like to see what is in front of me, and that is how I look at it,” he added.

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