Rahul Dravid advises youngsters not to get carried away by success

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Rahul Dravid advises youngsters not to get carried away by success

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Rahul Dravid has asked young budding cricketers to not worry about their failures on the pitch and stay level-headed when success comes their way. The 44-year-old India A coach has also advised youngsters to try and pursue other hobbies to relax so as not to get drained out by the game of cricket.

Dravid was considered as one of the greatest players India have ever produced not just for his technique and temperament while playing the sport but also for his understanding of the sport and an icon. As such it came as no surprise that the former Indian captain turned the India A side into almost a second-string Indian team that could, in its own right, do well on the international stage when given a chance. So when Dravid spoke to young Andhra cricketers at the ACA Central Zone Academy in Mangalagiri, it was no surprise that the players turned up for the event.

“Learning to fail well is important. when cricketers fail they blame the umpires, the coaches, the weather, the pitch or their luck. They try to brush the real issues under the carpet and refuse to address them," Dravid said, reported Hindu.

“But people who fail well would look into every failure as an opportunity to grow. It is those who learn to fail well who will eventually succeed and make it to the top. Most of the time, players get depressed when they fail and feel happy when they succeed. Their moods go up and down but the need of the hour is about striking a balance. This helps you both in cricket and in life.

“The ultimate motto should be to reach the destination. Even if you don’t reach the (cricketing) destination you will still emerge as a better person. So do not be afraid of failure and do not get carried away by success."

While Dravid gave tips on how young players could improve on a day-to-day basis, he also added that more than the athletic abilities that the sport would help them in developing, it was the life-skills that would help them in the long run. 

“After every practice session or a match, you should get back to your room and reflect. Think about the outing and analyse for just 10 minutes. Because only reflection will help you grow. Just by practising you can improve but practising with reflection helps you improve quicker," he added.

“The most important feedback comes from you. The more you do it, the quicker you learn, and the faster you improve.

“Note down the important points on a daily basis. These jottings will help when you are out of form. The diary will be a corrective manual.

“Cricket is a team game. It is all about partnership, helping and supporting each other, friendships and growing together. If you are selfish you will stagnate. You have to grow as a team and also grow as individuals.”

Dravid also stressed on the importance education stating that if players thought about cricket in every moment of the day, they would be burned out which would not help them in any way.

“When you are playing you should give your 100% and the moment you open your books, you should switch off cricket. Thinking about cricket 24x7 will drain you out. Pursuits other than cricket help you relax,” he explained.

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