Reports : Ravi Shastri earns more money as salary than Virat Kohli

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Reports : Ravi Shastri earns more money as salary than Virat Kohli

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Indian cricket team coach Ravi Shastri is the world's highest-earning cricket coach with the salary close to $1.17 million per year, which is even more than Virat Kohli ($1m). The Indian skipper's counterparts Joe Root ($1.27m) and Steve Smith ($1.47m) also draw a bigger paycheck than him.

Being associated with the Indian cricket team is the matter of great privilege for anyone - for the sheer popularity of the Indian cricket and huge remunerations that come with it. The BCCI's financial model is so strongly placed that its domestic cricketers are often getting more wages than many international teams. So it came as no surprise that Indian coach Ravi Shastri is withdrawing a fat paycheck of $1.17 million per year for his service. But what came as the biggest shock is that Kohli - arguably the game's biggest ambassador - is being paid less than his coach. 

A report in the Cricket Monthly burst all the myths surrounding the wages players and coaches get from the board and as per the report, Kohli earns around $1 million per year in salary, this is exclusive of the money he earns from advertising, which will be a whole lot more. 

However, Kohli's counterparts, Steve Smith and Joe Root, earn 1.47 million dollars and 1.27 million dollars respectively as salaries, but can never match up to the earnings of Indian players they get from their board's gross revenue, calculated on the basis of the number of matches one player has played in one calendar year.

Kohli, who has a Grade A retainer contract with the BCCI, earn his retainer plus his share from the 13% of gross revenue, which places him in the top band of cricket's earners. If his earnings from the IPL and multiple individual endorsements will be taken into consideration that will make him the richest cricketer in reality.

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