CAB decides to disqualify Joint-secretary Subir Ganguly

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CAB decides to disqualify Joint-secretary Subir Ganguly

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The Cricket Association of Bengal has decided to disqualify Subir Ganguly from the post of a joint secretary as he had completed 9 years as an office bearer with the CAB. Earlier, he sent a letter to association president Sourav Ganguly demanding the latter's resignation if forced to step down.

Subir was recently advised to step down from his post of the joint secretary as he had completed nine years as an office bearer in the state association which included four as treasurer and the rest as joint secretary. But, after consulting his lawyers, Subir claimed that his term is still not over. Now, CAB decided to disqualify him as its joint secretary.

"As per Supreme Court order, dated January 2, 2017, Subir's continuance as an office bearer would be in beach of norms laid down by the Supreme Court," CAB President Sourav Ganguly said after the working committee meeting in Kolkata on Saturday, as quoted by IANS.

"Subir became honorary treasurer in 2008 and performed his duties till July 2017. So he has completed nine years as office bearer," he added. 

Earlier, Subir not only denied the advice but also wrote a letter to Sourav asserting that if he was forced to step down, the same rule should then be applicable to Sourav as per the Lodha Committee recommendations. 

"Honorary treasurer of BCCI Anirudh Chaudhary was elected in 2013 and still continuing. And he is performing duties as per the Supreme Court order and under watchful eyes of Committee of Administrators (CoA).

"So there has been no disqualification on the basis of cool-off for three years as per order of the Supreme Court at this stage," Sourav replied when asked about the letter.

The former India skipper worked as a CAB secretary in 2014 and is handling the responsibility of a president since 2015. He also sent a reply to Subir's letter.

"First I will see his reply, then I may take the legal route," Subir said when asked about the development. 

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