ICC backs BCCI in WADA war

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ICC backs BCCI in WADA war

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After reports suggested that the BCCI could become the centre of a sporting crises in India if they failed to comply with WADA’s code of conduct, the ICC decided to stand by the Indian board. The BCCI is against the “whereabouts” clause in WADA’s code and have called it an infringement of privacy.

Once the ICC decided to become a signatory of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) in 2006, the BCCI do not follow WADA’s guidelines or the ones of its Indian arm, National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA). However, the ICC have said that they are satisfied with measures taken by the BCCI to prevent any doping in the sport. Instead of working with NADA, BCCI have used the services of a private agency for the same and an ICC official told Hindustan Times, “the BCCI’s anti-doping policy is based on the ICC template code.”

The BCCI sides with the Indian players when it comes to the “whereabouts” clause which states that the players have to share details of where they can be contacted for a one-hour window every day when not playing competitively.

However, the ICC admitted that it was necessary to conduct “out-of-competition testing” and for it to be effective, the whereabouts of the players when he/she is not participating is important.

“It is mandatory for the BCCI to adopt the ICC template code for national federations, which itself is based on the ICC’s WADA compliant Code,” said the ICC.

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