WATCH | Shikhar Dhawan’s reacts angrily as Virat Kohli's misjudgment runs him out

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WATCH | Shikhar Dhawan’s reacts angrily as Virat Kohli's misjudgment runs him out

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Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma’s miscommunication in running between the wickets and one being dismissed is a part of Indian cricket lore now. However, Kohli, today, decided to make Shikhar Dhawan a victim of the same and his unnecessary call resulted in Dhawan being frustrated after the run-out.

Kohli has been a brilliant athlete and has the ability to run for a single even if it is actually not on offer. And that feeling sometimes has led to errors as others fail to cover the distance at the same speed as him and Rohit has the first-hand experience of experiencing the same on more than one occasions.

In the 13th over of India’s run-chase, Dhawan got an inside edge on his flick to an in-angling fullish ball from round the wicket and the ball moved nowhere but landed towards silly point. However, Kohli misjudged it completely and set out for a single while Dhawan was almost sure that it was impossible. But Kohli was almost half-way down the crease and responding to his skipper’s call, Dhawan tried his best to complete the single. But was in vain.

Aiden Markram, who was standing near the backward point region ran forward and collected the ball to hit the stumps at the non-striker’s end. When the ball hit the stumps, Dhawan was nowhere the frame and it was a fairly straightforward decision for the umpire.

Completely disgusted by the turn of events, Dhawan vented out his frustration and blamed his Delhi mate for unnecessarily going for a run. Kohli, however, was speechless and perhaps realized that there was no way other than guiding India to their first win in Durban.

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