Salman Butt cleared of wrongdoing in Ajman All-Stars T20 league

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Salman Butt cleared of wrongdoing in Ajman All-Stars T20 league

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Salman Butt has been cleared by the International Cricket Council Anti-Corruption Unit of any wrongdoings in the Ajman All-Stars T20 league. The league came into scanner after a video surfaced online that showed the batsmen getting out in a bizarre manner questioning the authenticity of the league.

Former Pakistan captain, Salman Butt, came under investigation after the ICC decided to question the Ajman All-Stars T20 league for a possible match-fixing. The players were questioned after a video went viral on the internet, which contained clips of a match showing batsmen getting out in a dodgy manner one after the other.

Butt was back playing cricket in the Ajman All-Stars T20 league after serving a five-year ban for spot-fixing in the fourth test at Lords between Pakistan and England in 2011. However, he was eventually cleared after the questioning by the ICC ACU as they found no involvement of him in those activities of the dubious league.

“It was very worrying for me given what I have been through in the past due to my own blunders. Since serving the ban and returning to cricket I have tried to restrict my socializing and keeping away from off the field activities to keep a clean chit. I played just two matches because I felt things were not right in the event. But what surprised me is that the players who took part in that dubious match don’t even appear to be proper professional cricketers as most of them I saw on TV were wearing joggers,” Butt told PTI.

“They asked me some questions and I cooperated with them completely. They were satisfied with what I had to say and I have now got clearance from any involvement in any dubious happenings in the tournament in Ajman.”

The former Pakistan captain also confirmed that the other Pakistani players involved in this league did not feature in that controversial match.

“I am still trying hard and doing my best to get another shot at playing for Pakistan and it is not an easy road ahead. Certainly, I didn’t require this scandal at this time but now I am also satisfied the ICC spoke to me and listened to what I had to say,” said the 33-year-old.

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