IPL to solve match-timing issue in an amicable way, says IPL chairman

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IPL to solve match-timing issue in an amicable way, says IPL chairman

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After franchises expressed unhappiness with the revised match timings, IPL chairman Rajiv Shukla has stated that they look to reach a solution in an amicable way. He also revealed that BCCI would now give 20% of players’ fee to international boards if they allow players for the whole season.

The match timings of the IPL matches have been a huge conundrum since the last season. It led to the IPL governing council to announce revised schedules last week where they decided that the evening games would be preponed to 7 pm from 8 pm, while the day matches will start from 5:30 pm now instead of 4:00 pm.

However, though the revised timings made sense for the broadcaster as it paved way for more primetime viewers, some franchises were sceptical about it as it will keep away sponsors on doubleheader days, where the games will overlap.

“The broadcaster (Star India) had request (to change timings) and the GC considered the request during its meeting. After that, we have received objections from a couple of franchises. We’ll discuss with the franchises and the broadcasters. We’ll arrive at a decision in an amicable way,” said Shukla.

Shukla also revealed the BCCI is now eyeing increased fee offer to other international boards for letting their players participate in IPL. When IPL started back in 2008, the foreign boards were offered 10% share of players’ fee. However, after the franchises paid them initially, BCCI bore it later. 

Though many have criticized BCCI for this given that the franchises are now likely to earn much more, it seems like the board will still continue to do it this season and also pay an higher share.

“We have made a provision whoever (whichever board) provides players for the entire duration, we will pay the board 20 percent. Earlier we were paying 10 percent,” said Shukla.

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