Anxiety is a positive emotion before any tournament, says Robin Uthappa

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Anxiety is a positive emotion before any tournament, says Robin Uthappa

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Robin Uthappa, who endured a tough season with Kolkata Knight Riders in the recently concluded IPL, said that anxiety acts as a motivator ahead of the start of any major tournament. KKR failed to make the play-off stage this season as they lost their do-or-die encounter against Mumbai Indians.

The recent Indian Premier League (IPL) ended with Mumbai Indians picking up their fourth title as they beat Chennai Super Kings in the final by one run. Rohit Sharma-led Mumbai made their way to the final after they beat Kolkata Knight Riders in their final league match at the Wankhede Stadium. However, things would have been different for Dinesh Karthik & Co. had they beaten Mumbai in that match. Had they done so, it would have been them who secured the fourth spot instead of Sunrisers Hyderabad who made the cut.

KKR’s Robin Uthappa, who had a tough outing with the Kolkata-based side this year, said that anxiety has an important role to play before the start of any tournament.

"Before the last game… I got to be honest, I did feel pretty anxious, (but) it’s quite a good feeling. It’s got to be anxiety. If you are nervous, then may be you are not prepared well enough. If it is anxiety, then it’s a positive emotion that precedes a tournament," Uthappa said in a recent interview with The Telegraph.

The former Indian middle-order batsman further opened up about his preparation phase before the start of a typical IPL season.

"All of that becomes a lifestyle, honestly. I pretty much work out every day. The hours depend on how the body is feeling. We don’t go crazy working hard. Working smart is also a critical thing, understanding your body, how much recovery is required… all these aspects play a huge role in training.

"You are a cognisant of all these aspects and you train accordingly. Sometimes you train for an hour and hour-and-a-half, sometimes it goes on for a few hours and sometimes just 45 minutes, just a top-up on all that you have done. Sometimes you are feeling good, but you are also sore. So, you pop in and out of the gym for a 20-minute-half-an-hour session.

"Primarily, it is a combination of speed, endurance and strength. Cricket is a start-stop kind of sport. Today the sport is moving towards the power aspect of the game. You want to keep in mind those aspects as well," Uthappa added.

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