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Which are the most hated clubs in England? Reddit answers

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Which are the most hated clubs in England? Reddit answers

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The results of an EPL-focused Reddit survey, which had received over 15000 responses, are out, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Manchester United top the most-hated-clubs list in England, followed by Liverpool and Chelsea. Interestingly, Watford are the least-hated club in England at the moment.

On Reddit, it is Liverpool who have the biggest fan base according to the survey, followed closely by Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea. Here is the list of the most supported and hated clubs in England.

Top 10 most supported clubs:

1. Liverpool (3084, 19.9%)

2. Manchester United (2949, 19%)

3. Arsenal (2529, 16.3%)

4. Chelsea (1738, 11.2%)

5. Tottenham Hotspur (1375, 8.9%)


Top 10 most hated clubs:

1. Manchester United (4693, 30.3%)

2. Liverpool (2505, 16.2%)

3. Chelsea (2076, 13.4%)

4. Arsenal (1894, 12.2%)

5. Tottenham Hotspur (1422, 9.2%)


Top 10 second-most hated clubs:

1. Chelsea (3867, 24.9%)

2. Manchester United (2642, 17.1%)

3. Manchester City (2226, 14.4%)

4. Arsenal, again (1511, 9.8%)

5. Liverpool (1360, 8.8%)


The post also provided some interesting insight into the data that was collected:

  • The club most hated by Arsenal fans outside the top 6 are Stoke City.

  • The club outside the top 6 who hates Arsenal the most are Stoke City.

  • Watford are the least-hated club in the Premiership, followed by Bournemouth, Swansea, and Hull.

  • The club most hated by Bournemouth fans are Manchester United (20%), followed by... AFC Bournemouth (11%).

  • Burnley and Middlesbrough seem to have a budding rivalry, with the Lancashire club making up the largest Boro-hating contingent. The feeling is mutual, with Boro coming in second place among haters of Burnley.

    Read the full post here.

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