How we did on Nostra Pro as Everton beat Newcastle 1-0 at the Goodison

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How we did on Nostra Pro as Everton beat Newcastle 1-0 at the Goodison

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Welcome to Nostragamus Pro! Here, we take you through how we went about making the predictions for last night's football game: Everton vs Newcastle. It was a tough ask, but we seem to have done alright. We'll be back with a similar piece for tonight's big game: Liverpool vs Roma.

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1. Who will win?

Evertonhave a better head to head record but Newcastle are in very good form so going for a Newcastle win would have been a better option.

We got this wrong, as Everton managed to sneak a win.

2. Will there be a red card in the game? 

Newcastle have a clean record when it comes to red cards recently but looking at Everton’s record, there will be fouls, but it is unlikely that there will be a red card.

We got this right. There was no red card in the game!

3. How much possession will Newcastle have? 

Considering it’s an away game, Newcastle won’t be seeing much of the ball, therefore, going for less than 45% will be a better option. 

We got this right. Newcastle had 43.5% possession.

4. Will Newcastle score a goal?

Looking at the current form of both the teams, Newcastle are very likely to score and Everton are very likely to concede. So going for a ‘yes’ is a safe option.

Everton upset the odds on us. Newcastle had 9 shots, the same as Everton, but didn’t manage to score. We should’ve used a no-negative powerup on this.

5. Who will get more yellow cards?

Both teams have received a fair number of yellow cards this season but considering it’s Newcastle away, and they will be counter attacking a lot, Everton will probably get more yellows.

Yes! We got this right.

6. Who will have more shots on target?

Newcastle have had more shots on target in recent times in comparison to Everton and you can expect them to do the same in this game.

True. This is what happened. Everton had only 1 shot on target, while Newcastle had 2.

7. How many goals will be scored?

Both the teams are defensive minded and will be looking to contain each other rather than scoring goals. Going for a 2 or less is a good option

Perfect prediction. Risky, but a 1-0 victory proved us right.

8. Who will complete more tackles?

Diame (Newcastle) has a significant higher rate of tackling and he should have more tackles in the game than Schniederlin (Everton), considering Everton are at home.

Perfect! Diame made 4 tackles, while Schneiderlin made 2.

9. Who will win more aerial duels?

Gueye has won more Aerial duels this season but Shelvey has a height advantage. But Newcastle will clear the ball, hit it high and long, rather than playing a short pass, especially since they are away. So Gueye for this one.

Right again! Gueye won 2 aerial duels, while Shelvey won none.

10. Which defender will make more clearances?

Both Jagielka and Lascelles have a similar record in the PL, but given Everton will be on the offensive, we expect a Newcastle defender to have more clearances. Hence, Lascelles.

Correct! But only just: Lascelles cleared the ball 10 times, while Jagielka did it 9 times.

11. Will Wayne Rooney score a goal?

Wayne Rooney is in a bad form but it’s a home match and he did score against them last time so a Rooney goal can be expected.

Wrong! Rooney played in the midfield. And he didn’t score.

12. How many saves will Pickford make? 

Pickford is the Everton goalkeeper. Newcastle don’t get that many shots on target. So, we expect Pickford to make less than 3 saves.

So it proved. Pickford made just 2 saves all game.

13. Who will have a better pass success rate?

Ashley Williams has a better head to head record, and Newcastle will be looking to clear the ball. So any Everton defender will have a better pass success rate.

Ashley Williams didn’t play. So Lejeune had the better pass success rate. But every Everton defender did have a better passing success rate. 

14. Will Ayoze Perez score or assist a goal?

Perez is in incredible form and he will be looking to score/assist against Everton so going for a ‘yes’ will be a good option.

We assumed Newcastle will score. And we got it wrong.

15. Which team will commit more fouls?

Both teams give away fouls and it would be fair to expect more than 20 fouls will be committed.

Yep. We got this right. 21 fouls in the game, in total.

We would have gotten 80 points for this game. How did you do?

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