PKL 2019 | Cannot afford to lose many games, says Abozar Mighani

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PKL 2019 | Cannot afford to lose many games, says Abozar Mighani

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Telugu Titans captain Abozar Mighani said that their team cannot afford to lose matches if they want to keep the playoff’s dream alive. Telugu Titans have already lost five of their eight games and tied two of them as a result of which they are at the 11th place with 13 total points.

Telugu Titans aren’t able to find their rhythm this season. As they have only won one of their matches and they still haven’t found their form. After their first four matches which they lost, they made a slight comeback with a tie but they still are not performing at their best. There is always something missing in their performance for instance in their match against Gujarat a day before their match against Bengal Warriors, Vishal Bhardwaj scored seven points and then the next day he is making unwanted tackle attempts and is not able to support his team well in defence.

The top defender in their previous match was Farhad Milaghadan with three points whereas skipper Abozar scored only a single point. His performances have been scattered and that is also a major concern for Telugu Titans.

“Definitely. We planned meticulously for this stretch of back-to-back games. We cannot afford to lose many games if we want to have a chance of qualifying for the Playoffs. Bengal Warriors are a very good team and I’m happy with the way we came back in the final quarter. Hopefully, in the upcoming games, we can build on this and perform even better,” Abozar said in the post-match press conference.

On the other hand, the raiding unit hasn’t been the most consistent as their lead raider is not in form. In their last match despite getting a five-point lead, they were not able to sustain it as they failed to slow the pace of the game in the second half.

“Our performance was good. In the last 10 minutes, we made a few aggressive tackles and we could have done better in that department,” Telugu Titans coach Gholamreza Mazandarani signed off.

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