PKL 2019 | We played according to plan, says BC Ramesh

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PKL 2019 | We played according to plan, says BC Ramesh

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After their game against Telugu Titans, Bengal Warriors coach BC Ramesh has said that his team played according to the plan and that even though there may have been errors overall, he is satisfied with the result. Bengal Warriors remain at the third position on the points table after the tie.

Bengal Warriors were lagging behind when the first half ended courtesy of the raid by Suraj Desai. In that raid, Suraj went into the lobby without a touch and anyone who followed him were out as well, so after that raid, Bengal were down to two players at the start of the second half. Telugu Titans were quickly able to inflict and all-out and took a five-point lead but they couldn’t sustain their lead for long and end by getting all-out themselves.

“We played according to plan right up until the end. There were a few errors in places, but it was extremely important for us to not lose,” Bengal Warriors coach BC Ramesh said in the post-match press conference.

Both the teams were neck to neck in the entire match. For Bengal Warriors the best performer was Mohammad Nabibakhsh with five raid and three tackle points. For Telugu, Suraj Desai came through in the raiding and scored seven points whereas in defence, Farhad Milaghardan picked up the slack and scored three tackle points. Telugu Titans raid in the last minute was do-or-die where Bengal could have gotten a point as they had tackled Armaan but he managed to grab a bonus before that and hence each team got a point each.

“The bonus point we gave away in the Do-Or-Die raid in the final minute was unnecessary. We had planned to play a high line. The time was almost up on the raid so we could have tackled the raider a moment earlier,” the Bengal coach concluded.

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