PKL | How to be a good kabaddi defender

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Puneri Paltan

PKL | How to be a good kabaddi defender

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Girish Ernak


Thrilling, nail-biting action – Kabaddi is a sport that gives it all to get the adrenaline rush. However, a lot goes behind to help a viewer experience the rush. The onus is on the team to score points which means the raiding and the defending of a team needs to be equally good and balanced.

Raiders score points and defenders who hold the fort. A strong defence has the ability to turn the tables in the last minute. Below are few tips, which can help one in becoming a good Kabaddi defender:

Know the raider well: 

For every defender in Kabaddi, it is important to know about opposition’s raider’s strengths and weaknesses. One should be well versed with the raider’s style, his signature moves, footwork etc. It is vital to concentrate on a raider’s footwork to anticipate the move he will make and devise a strategy to counter the move and successfully tackle the raider. Every raider will have a certain pattern, it is important to study that pattern and prepare for it accordingly. You can do so by watching old matches. 

Do not be intimidated or carried away: 

Many times, it so happens that defenders get distracted by the raider’s aggression or moves, which results in loss of points. The agenda during opposition’s raid should be on tackling the raider successfully. Yoga and meditation can help in building concentration to a large extent and holding the nerves in crunch situations which is crucial in any match. 

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Master your moves:

In defence, there are many moves like ankle hold, thigh hold, back hold, waist hold, block, dash & chain tackle. Ideally, a defender should be aware of all moves but it is very important to master some of them. Once you practice a move repeatedly, it becomes a natural reflex and a threat to the raiders. 

Build core strength & stamina: 

Kabaddi is a contact sport that demands immense core strength and stamina. Given the rough nature of the game, players are prone to injuries. Especially in defence, it takes a lot of strength and stamina to tackle a player, therefore building core strength is crucial.

Team Combination:

While the individual skill sets play a vital role in the game, Kabaddi is a team sport. Players have to play as one cohesive unit and in-sync to oust the opposition. It is essential to build a good rapport with your teammates and learn to communicate with each other efficiently. This will result in good team dynamics both on and off the mat.

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