WATCH : Veteran Mansour Bahrami lights up Adelaide with signature antics

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WATCH : Veteran Mansour Bahrami lights up Adelaide with signature antics

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Even at the age of 61, Mansour Bahrami is not going to take off from tennis and looked to lighten the mood with his signature antics. His antics during his doubles match versus Wilander and Leconte had the stands in stitches as he looked to ease the pressure on his teammate Mark Philippoussis.

Retired Iranian and French native, Mansour Bahrami, is often regarded as the greatest entertainer to have graced the game of Tennis in recent times. He can perform every trick shot in the book, and then some. Bahrami is considered to have "found his niche" on the ATP Champions Tour, where his flamboyant style and propensity for trick shots aligned with the tour's more entertainment-oriented theme. In reference to his showmanship, his 2009 English-language autobiography was also titled ‘The Court Jester’.

His recent antics during the World Tennis Championship 2018 is sure to have you gasping for breath as he aimed to ease the tension in his doubles match along with doubles partner Mark Philippoussis versus the Swedish and French duo of former world no.1 Mats Wilander and Henri Leconte. The Camera focused on the 61-year old player as crept slowly in a comical fashion towards the net only to tread back to where he started. After losing the play, he tosses the ball high up in the air only to catch it in his pocket in a truly humorous move.

Bahrami has been a regular in the seniors invitational circuit for about two decades now and continues to have a strong love for the game and travels around the globe promoting the sport of Tennis passionately.

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