How Technology is transforming sports

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How Technology is transforming sports

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Badal Thukral


Everyone desires a peaceful lifestyle. But when was the last time you relaxed? When was the last time you were not thinking about an office meeting, important mail or a power point presentation? This chase for financial security and a constant time crunch has led to a stressful lifestyle.

People often think of achieving a proper work-life balance but in the pursuit of financial independence, they do not focus on other aspects of life such as social and mental well-being and tend to live a sedentary lifestyle. In this business world, the only running you do is the one between meetings. Technology has drastically changed the way we work. We have moved towards jobs which involve less or no physical activity.

The lethargic, sedentary lifestyle is not only taking a toll on our physical health but also our mental well-being. Reduced physical activity is expected to cause more annual deaths than smoking. Most of us are barely meeting the minimum required amount of physical activity that is 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day. Although a good exercise routine or sports activity is the need of the hour, many of us fail to realise its importance. 

Ironically, here I am writing the benefits of sports sitting on a comfortable chair.

Sports ensure the overall fitness of the individual. It relieves people off stress and has several health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, less risk of heart diseases and improves the flexibility and movement of muscles. Engaging in sports on a regular basis helps in managing body weight as well. It leads to improvement in the overall efficiency of and is thus, being inculcated as a part of human resource activities in various organisations. 

Businessmen have been networking and meeting over sports for a long time. Although it started with golf and tennis, other sports are now joining the list. Outings with prospective clients are as important as formal conversations. Informal meetings over sports can help one know the client better. Also, ports can provide a good opportunity for negotiations. It need not necessarily be a one on one setting, a group outing where your client can positively assess you can surely be beneficial. Such meetings usually do not involve a time constraint hence you need not rush with your pitch.

Sports is such an important element in one’s life, even if your life is of a working businessman. This is because playing a sport teaches you discipline. Discipline is one thing that can help you in all possible ways to lead a better life. 

It is via sports that we learn to focus and be positive and to channel our energy in the right direction. Playing sports will keep you fit which will help you be a more confident version of yourself. You will be able to present yourself with confidence that you once may have lacked.

While all these reasons might convince you to play more, it might not do so for all. Hence, even if you decide to play, you might not find companions. Technology is back as a saviour for sports enthusiasts like you. Rackonnect would provide a common platform for players who are willing to play various racket sports such as badminton, tennis, table tennis, squash, etc. Through this, they can organise matches by searching for opponents on various criteria such as age, location and skill level. Basically, the application is a sort of an aggregator of players and various sports facilities and centres, as it connects them and helps them organise matches according to their convenience.

The application also includes a feature to track the players and their competitors' performance and rank them accordingly. Due to this, people have a record through which they are motivated to perform well and have a competitive spirit towards their games.

Have you heard of the fact that “competition enhances the quality of a player?” Keeping this in mind, Rackonnect has got in the tournament element in its wide array of functions for a racket sports enthusiast. Rackonnect organizes improved quality tournaments in order to encourage racket sports and build a racket sports community.

Rackonnect is the ultimate solution for Racket sports enthusiast. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out now!

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