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Iain O’Brien resorts to crowdfunding for his flight back home

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Iain O’Brien resorts to crowdfunding for his flight back home

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Former New Zealand quick Iain O’Brien tweeted that he is looking for donations in order to arrange funds for his flight back to England having been stranded in NZ amid the COVID 19 pandemic. O’Brien had earlier shared that her wife has a lung condition and is eager to reunite with his family.

Former New Zealand pacer Iain O’Brien desperate to reunite with his family in the UK amid these desperate times has resorted to crowdfunding to arrange necessary funds for his flight back. O’Brien was in New Zealand to deal with some mental health issues and was left stranded there after the COVID 19 pandemic hit the World. O’Brien tweeted requesting donations to fund his flight back from New Zealand. He went on to offer a Skype video call with the ones willing to contribute few dollars for his cause.

“Ok, so trying to raise some money to pay for this flight back to the UK, O’Brien wrote on his handle. I have an idea. If anyone would love a 20 min Skype/vid call, one on one, talk about all things cricket, politics, sausages, mental health, Sachin, etc. If you’d like that & can spare a couple of $, DM me,” O’Brien wrote on social media.

O’Brien had earlier shared that his wife has a lung condition and is highly vulnerable to the dreaded disease wreaking havoc in the world and having claimed over 21,000 lives in its wake. The former pacer added that the added responsibilities of the kids and her mother is doing no good for her amid this evolving pandemic.

“The big bit for me is my wife has a lung condition where if she gets any sort of chest infection it can take time off her life,” O’Brien was quoted as saying by the ‘’

"This virus could kill her. With a couple of kids for her to deal with, and her mum is 80, there’s a fair bit on her plate at the moment. I would be kind of keen to take some of that stress off her but I think I’m just adding to it at the moment.”

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