IND vs AUS | Twitter in splits as Warner mocks Kishan's failed sly attempt at earning free DRS

IND vs AUS | Twitter in splits as Warner mocks Kishan's failed sly attempt at earning free DRS

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David Warner was unbothered at the start of his innings against India's intimidating spin attack



The rulebook in cricket is well renowned for its grey areas and the introduction of technology has only made matters worse. Australia discovered a loophole recently involving futile stumping appeals but when Kishan attempted it in Chepauk, he was embarrassingly denied much to Warner's amusement.

India seized control of the game midway through the first innings in the deciding ODI against Australia at Chepauk on Wednesday, whittling the side down to 128/4 after 26 overs at the time of writing. Hardik Pandya was the key harbinger of destruction for the hosts as he sent back the Australian top three within 15 balls of getting the Kookaburra in his hand, triggering a collapse from 68/0 to 85/3. While the vice-skipper did make the game even more intense, there were also several spotlight-making incidents scattered throughout as is usual in affairs between the two sides.

One such incident occurred in the 19th over, with Kuldeep Yadav bowling to David Warner. The left-arm wrist spinner managed to extract a sharp turn on the second ball of the over that shaped away from Warner's willow after pitching at good length, missing the bat by a whisker. The bowler and wicketkeeper Ishan Kishan immediately went up in appeal but at the very last moment, Kishan whipped the bails off the stumps. When the umpire showed little interest in the caught behind claims, the Indian team highlighted there was a potential stumping as well asking for a third-umpire review. On the tour, Australia had introduced this tactic of appealing for stumping to induce the umpire in checking for other forms of dismissal as well, thereby saving the team the risk of wasting a DRS review. 

Thus, an expectant Indian side huddled in the middle of the pitch, seemingly waiting for the third-umpire replays on the big screen but the players were left befuddled by the square-leg umpire's denial of the request. Replays later showed Warner's foot was firmly grounded all along which helped the umpire look past India's plot and stand firm on his ground. While Rohit Sharma resignedly uttered 'bat toh nahi hai [there was no bat]', signaling his indication to safeguard reviews, David Warner could not help but break out in laughter at the skipper and keeper's cheeky attempt at exploiting another of cricket's loopholes. Nevertheless, Yadav eventually did get rid of Warner for a 31-ball 23.

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