Indian Premier League 2017

17th Match

Rising Pune Supergiant won by 27 runs.

20.0 Overs
V Kohli 28(19), 28(19)
Adam Milne - 8.0 - 0 - 54 - 4

20.0 Overs
Ajinkya Rahane 30(25), 30(25)
JD Unadkat - 8.0 - 0 - 50 - 4
This Over

Run Rate - 6.70

Indian Premier League 2017 : Live scores, commentary -

Rising Pune Supergiant 1st innings161/8 in 20.0

Batsman RB4s6sSR
Ajinkya Rahane bowled b Samuel Badreebowled b Samuel Badree302550120
RA Tripathi c V Kohli b Pawan Negic V Kohli b Pawan Negi312331134.78
Steven Smith bowled b Sreenath Aravindbowled b Sreenath Aravind272430112.5
MS Dhoni bowled b SR Watsonbowled b SR Watson282531112
Ben Stokes bowled b Adam Milnebowled b Adam Milne230066.67
DT Christian c M Singh b Sreenath Aravindc M Singh b Sreenath Aravind130033.33
MK Tiwary runout V Kohlirunout V Kohli271132245.45
SN Thakur c AB de Villiers b Adam Milnec AB de Villiers b Adam Milne01000
JD Unadkat Not OutNot Out250040
Fall of Wickets
0/63(Ajinkya Rahane, 7.4)1/69(RA Tripathi, 8.2)2/127(MS Dhoni, 15.6)3/127(Steven Smith, 16.1)4/129(DT Christian, 16.5)5/130(BA Stokes, 17.1)6/130(SN Thakur, 17.2)7/161(MK Tiwary, 19.6)
Adam Milne4.0027206.75
Samuel Badree4.0032108
Sreenath Aravind4.0029217.25
SR Watson4.00441211
Pawan Negi3.0012114
YS Chahal1.00110311

Royal Challengers Bangalore 1st innings134/9 in 20.0

Batsman RB4s6sSR
V Kohli c Ajinkya Rahane b BA Stokesc Ajinkya Rahane b BA Stokes281931147.37
M Singh c MS Dhoni b SN Thakurc MS Dhoni b SN Thakur03000
AB de Villiers st MS Dhoni b M Imran Tahirst MS Dhoni b M Imran Tahir29301296.67
Kedar Jadhav bowled b JD Unadkatbowled b JD Unadkat18220081.82
SR Watson bowled b BA Stokesbowled b BA Stokes14181077.78
STR Binny bowled b SN Thakurbowled b SN Thakur18821225
Pawan Negi c RA Tripathi b SN Thakurc RA Tripathi b SN Thakur10701142.86
Adam Milne bowled b BA Stokesbowled b BA Stokes230066.67
Samuel Badree bowled b JD Unadkatbowled b JD Unadkat01000
Sreenath Aravind Not OutNot Out670085.71
YS Chahal Not OutNot Out120050
Fall of Wickets
0/14(M Singh, 1.5)1/41(V Kohli, 5.3)2/70(AB de Villiers, 10.2)3/91(Kedar Jadhav, 14.5)4/101(SR Watson, 15.5)5/123(Pawan Negi, 17.3)6/125(STR Binny, 17.6)7/126(Samuel Badree, 18.2)8/132(Adam Milne, 19.3)
JD Unadkat4.0025216.25
SN Thakur4.0035308.75
DT Christian4.0026016.5
Ben Stokes4.0018314.5
M Imran Tahir4.0027126.75
Toss:Royal Challengers Bangalore won the toss and chose to bowl first
Series:Indian Premier League 2017
Man of the match:To be decided