Indian Premier League 2017

31st Match

Gujarat Lions won by 7 wickets.

20.0 Overs
Chris Gayle 8(11), 8(11)
Samuel Badree - 6.0 - 0 - 58 - 4

13.5 Overs
Ishan Kishan 16(11), 16(11)
NB Singh - 4.0 - 0 - 16 - 0
This Over

Run Rate - 9.76

Indian Premier League 2017 : Live scores, commentary -

Royal Challengers Bangalore 1st innings134/10 in 20.0

Batsman RB4s6sSR
Chris Gayle c Dinesh Karthik b AJ Tyec Dinesh Karthik b AJ Tye8111072.73
V Kohli c Aaron Finch b Basil Thampic Aaron Finch b Basil Thampi10130176.92
AB de Villiers runout Ravindra Jadejarunout Ravindra Jadeja5110045.45
TM Head c SK Raina b AJ Tyec SK Raina b AJ Tye01000
Kedar Jadhav bowled b Ravindra Jadejabowled b Ravindra Jadeja311841172.22
M Singh c Ravindra Jadeja b AJ Tyec Ravindra Jadeja b AJ Tye8140057.14
Pawan Negi c Basil Thampi b Ankit Sonic Basil Thampi b Ankit Soni321932168.42
Samuel Badree c Ishan Kishan b Ravindra Jadejac Ishan Kishan b Ravindra Jadeja3300100
Sreenath Aravind c Brendon McCullum b James Faulknerc Brendon McCullum b James Faulkner9160056.25
Aniket Choudhary Not OutNot Out151210125
YS Chahal runout Brendon McCullumrunout Brendon McCullum120050
Fall of Wickets
0/22(V Kohli, 3.5)1/22(Chris Gayle, 4.1)2/22(TM Head, 4.2)3/58(Kedar Jadhav, 8.4)4/60(AB de Villiers, 9.3)5/100(Pawan Negi, 13.4)6/105(Samuel Badree, 14.3)7/110(M Singh, 15.5)8/133(Sreenath Aravind, 19.4)9/134(YS Chahal, 19.6)
NB Singh2.008014
Basil Thampi4.0034118.5
AJ Tye4.0012303
Ravindra Jadeja4.0028207
Ankit Soni3.0028119.33
James Faulkner3.0015105

Gujarat Lions 1st innings135/3 in 13.5

Batsman RB4s6sSR
Ishan Kishan lbw b Samuel Badreelbw b Samuel Badree161140145.45
Brendon McCullum c AB de Villiers b Samuel Badreec AB de Villiers b Samuel Badree360050
Suresh Raina Not OutNot Out343041113.33
Aaron Finch c AB de Villiers b Pawan Negic AB de Villiers b Pawan Negi723456211.76
Ravindra Jadeja Not OutNot Out240050
Fall of Wickets
0/18(Ishan Kishan, 2.3)1/23(Brendon McCullum, 4.1)2/115(Aaron Finch, 12.1)
Samuel Badree3.0029209.67
Sreenath Aravind3.0019026.33
Aniket Choudhary2.00210210.5
YS Chahal3.0029019.67
Pawan Negi2.00241112
TM Head0.50110013.2
Toss:Gujarat Lions won the toss and chose to bowl first
Series:Indian Premier League 2017
Man of the match:To be decided