Indian Premier League 2017

39th Match

Rising Pune Supergiant won by 5 wkts

19.5 Overs
Ajinkya Rahane 4(4), 4(4)
JD Unadkat - 7.4 - 0 - 58 - 6

19.5 Overs
Ishan Kishan 31(24), 31(24)
PJ Sangwan - 8.0 - 0 - 76 - 4
This Over

Run Rate - 8.42

Indian Premier League 2017 : Live scores, commentary -

Gujarat Lions 1st innings161/10 in 19.5

Batsman RB4s6sSR
Ishan Kishan c Washington Sundar b M Imran Tahirc Washington Sundar b M Imran Tahir312432129.17
Brendon McCullum c Ajinkya Rahane b SN Thakurc Ajinkya Rahane b SN Thakur452752166.67
Suresh Raina runout Ajinkya Rahanerunout Ajinkya Rahane8800100
Aaron Finch c b M Imran Tahirc b M Imran Tahir13611216.67
DR Smith bowled b M Imran Tahirbowled b M Imran Tahir01000
Dinesh Karthik runout MS Dhonirunout MS Dhoni292630111.54
Ravindra Jadeja c JD Unadkat b DT Christianc JD Unadkat b DT Christian191230158.33
James Faulkner c MK Tiwary b JD Unadkatc MK Tiwary b JD Unadkat670085.71
PJ Sangwan c RA Tripathi b JD Unadkatc RA Tripathi b JD Unadkat120050
Basil Thampi Not OutNot Out250040
Ankit Soni bowled b JD Unadkatbowled b JD Unadkat01000
Fall of Wickets
0/55(Ishan Kishan, 5.6)1/71(SK Raina, 7.6)2/94(Aaron Finch, 9.5)3/94(DR Smith, 9.6)4/109(Brendon McCullum, 11.5)5/135(Ravindra Jadeja, 14.6)6/146(James Faulkner, 17.2)7/148(PJ Sangwan, 17.5)8/161(Dinesh Karthik, 19.4)9/161(Ankit Soni, 19.5)
JD Unadkat3.5029307.57
Washington Sundar2.0012006
Ben Stokes4.0036009
M Imran Tahir4.0027306.75
SN Thakur3.0025118.33
DT Christian3.0027119

Rising Pune Supergiant 1st innings167/5 in 19.5

Batsman RB4s6sSR
Ajinkya Rahane lbw b PJ Sangwanlbw b PJ Sangwan4410100
RA Tripathi runout Aaron Finchrunout Aaron Finch671085.71
Steven Smith c Ankit Soni b PJ Sangwanc Ankit Soni b PJ Sangwan4210200
MK Tiwary lbw b Basil Thampilbw b Basil Thampi02000
Ben Stokes Not OutNot Out1046376165.08
MS Dhoni c Brendon McCullum b Basil Thampic Brendon McCullum b Basil Thampi27331181.82
DT Christian Not OutNot Out17811212.5
Fall of Wickets
0/4(Ajinkya Rahane, 0.4)1/8(Steven Smith, 0.6)2/10(MK Tiwary, 1.3)3/42(RA Tripathi, 5.3)4/118(MS Dhoni, 16.1)
PJ Sangwan4.0038219.5
Basil Thampi4.0035218.75
James Faulkner2.50310010.94
Ankit Soni4.0016014
Ravindra Jadeja2.0019009.5
DR Smith3.0027019
Toss:Rising Pune Supergiant won the toss and chose to bowl first
Series:Indian Premier League 2017
Man of the match:To be decided