Indian Premier League 2017

4th Match

Kings XI Punjab won by 6 Wicket

19.0 Overs
Hashim Amla 28(27), 28(27)
S Sharma - 8.0 - 0 - 66 - 4

20.0 Overs
Ajinkya Rahane 19(15), 19(15)
AB Dinda - 6.0 - 0 - 52 - 2
This Over

Run Rate - 8.63

Indian Premier League 2017 : Live scores, commentary -

Rising Pune Supergiants 1st innings163/6 in 20.0

Batsman RB4s6sSR
Ajinkya Rahane c Marcus Stoinis b T Natarajanc Marcus Stoinis b T Natarajan191511126.67
Mayank Agarwal bowled b S Sharmabowled b S Sharma04000
Steven Smith c M Vohra b Marcus Stoinisc M Vohra b Marcus Stoinis26273096.3
Ben Stokes c b Axar Patelc b Axar Patel503223156.25
MS Dhoni c b Swapnil Singhc b Swapnil Singh5110045.45
MK Tiwary Not OutNot Out402332173.91
DT Christian c Glenn Maxwell b S Sharmac Glenn Maxwell b S Sharma17821212.5
Rajat Bhatia Not OutNot Out
Fall of Wickets
0/1(Mayank Agarwal, 0.5)1/36(Ajinkya Rahane, 6.2)2/49(Steven Smith, 8.1)3/71(MS Dhoni, 11.2)4/132(BA Stokes, 17.3)5/162(DT Christian, 19.5)
S Sharma4.0033208.25
Mohit Sharma4.0034008.5
Axar Patel4.0027126.75
T Natarajan3.0026108.67
Marcus Stoinis3.0028139.33
Swapnil Singh2.0014107

Kings XI Punjab 1st innings164/4 in 19.0

Batsman RB4s6sSR
Hashim Amla c BA Stokes b Rahul Chaharc BA Stokes b Rahul Chahar282721103.7
M Vohra c MK Tiwary b AB Dindac MK Tiwary b AB Dinda14911155.56
WP Saha bowled b M Imran Tahirbowled b M Imran Tahir14930155.56
Axar Patel c b M Imran Tahirc b M Imran Tahir242211109.09
Glenn Maxwell Not OutNot Out442024220
David Miller Not OutNot Out302712111.11
Fall of Wickets
0/27(M Vohra, 2.5)1/49(WP Saha, 5.2)2/83(Hashim Amla, 10.4)3/85(Axar Patel, 11.1)
AB Dinda3.0026108.67
DT Christian2.00240212
Ben Stokes4.0032018
M Imran Tahir4.0029207.25
Rahul Chahar4.0032148
Rajat Bhatia2.00200210
Toss:Kings XI Punjab won the toss and chose to bowl first
Series:Indian Premier League 2017
Man of the match:To be decided