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featurecricket2 years ago

Satire Saturday | Sharjah’s cricketing journey from Desert Storm to ‘Graveyard’

In this week’s Satire Saturday, we have finally got hold of the most talked-about grounds in the United Arab Emirates, yes, the Sharjah cricket ground. We all know how terrible the ground is, in terms of offering something for the bowler but hear it from the cricket stadium itself.
Aakash Sivasubramaniam
featurecricket2 years ago

PCB’s Covid-19 negligence and mismanagement a lesson for other boards going forward

The Premier League has restarted, both La Liga and Serie A are heading towards what looks like a final day slugfest to decide the winner and Tennis just had a failed, unsuccessful attempt at restarting the sport. Yet all these events have had nothing on the kind of drama the PCB has churned out.
Anirudh Suresh
featurecricket5 years ago

World XI's visit to Pakistan - the dawn of a new era in Pakistan cricket

Despite certain players' involvement in match fixing and occasional terrorist attacks, Pakistan was still one of the favourites for teams to visit during the early 2000's. India was the first country to boycott visits to Pakistan but other countries continued to tour the terrorism-hit nation.
Rohan Chawla