July 30 | European football transfer round-up

July 30 | European football transfer round-up

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Time waits for no man, and with less than nine days left for the Premier League’s transfer window to slam shut, things have gotten interesting. The other four leagues, on the other hand, have a lot of time but with a month left, it’s time to start panicking and dig into a few juicy transfer sagas.

Gareth Bale and Zinedine Zidane’s relationship is broken beyond repair

He wanted to leave. He wanted him to leave. But then walked in Big Brother, who didn’t want him to leave, no matter what the other one thought. We are talking about Gareth Bale, Zinedine Zidane, and the transfer saga that shocked Real Madrid. It was almost over, and then it simply wasn’t with Florentino Perez intervening.

That has now changed everything at Real Madrid, with Sky Sports reporting that their relationship is now broken beyond repair. It’s broken so badly that not even Zidane and Bale playing a round of golf together will fix things or even Zidane letting Bale play football next season.

Inter Milan to increase their offer for Edin Dzeko

Inter Milan was after Romelu Lukaku. Then Inter Milan was after Edin Dzeko. Then Inter Milan was after Romelu Lukaku, with their interest compounded with a bid for the Belgian. But with Manchester United rejecting that, Inter Milan have now two potential options. Move for Edinson Cavani and risk PSG buying their best player (a move they beg for), or go back for Edin Dzeko.

It seems that the Nerazzurri have decided to do both, although their move for Edin Dzeko does come with a new €15 million offer. That does fall short of Roma’s €20 million offer, but it’s probably as much as the Giallorossi will get for a 33-year-old.

Everton set to sign Juventus starlet Moise Kean

Finally, two years later Everton sign a proper replacement for Romelu Lukaku. Or at least, they’re inching closer to signing a proper replacement for Romelu Lukaku. The Guardian has reported that the Toffees are set to sign Moise Kean for an initial €32 million fee, which is an absolute bargain for the Juventus striker.

The 19-year-old will get around €2.75 million a year in wages and Juventus have also managed to include a sneaky first refusal clause, although a buy-back clause was rejected.

Nadiem Amiri set to sign for Bayer Leverkusen

Potentially the fifth major man leaving Hoffenheim, Nadiem Amiri is set to sign for Bayer Leverkusen, German news outlet the Bild has reported. He joins buddy Kerem Demirbay at Leverkusen, with the player and club hammering out a contract weeks ago.

But with just one year left on his current deal, it seems that a transfer fee was the biggest issue, with Bild reporting that the final amount will be around €11 million. 

Manchester United and Leicester City at an impasse over Harry Maguire

It’s the move that has dominated the summer transfer window even before Paulo Dybala, whether or not Tottenham would spend money, or how would Arsenal reinforce their team with a minuscule budget.  It’s the move that still dominates the summer window, but will Manchester United ever get Harry Maguire??

The Red Devils are willing to shell out €70 million for the big center-back but Leicester City have stonewalled them, refusing to listen to any offer below €90 million. It’s given Harry Maguire something to be scared about, as there is an ocean full of other players that Ole could target instead…

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