Aniket Jadhav has shown that he has good basics, says Tony Mowbray

Aniket Jadhav has shown that he has good basics, says Tony Mowbray

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Blackburn Rovers head coach Tony Mowbray has stated that Indian youngster Aniket Jadhav has good basics of football. The Jamshedpur FC player from Kolhapur in Maharashtra, Jadhav became the first Indian professional player to train in an English club when he joined Blackburn Rovers.

Jadhav became the first professional player from the country to train with a club from England. The Kolhapur-born youngster had arrived at the Rovers’ Academy for a three-month spell in early March this year. Jadhav was then invited to join the training session of the main team before their season finale against Swansea.

According to Mowbray, Jadhav showed that he had good basics of football while playing. The coach has also said that joining the camp will help the Indian a lot as he will get a chance to play with experienced  professional footballers at the Championship level.

“He came up and trained one afternoon and I think that would benefit him playing with experienced professional footballers at Championship level,” the manager cum head coach Mowbray said in a press release, reported PTI.

“He’s only a young boy, but he showed he had good basics to his game and he was able to join in with the session. He was enthusiastic, he worked hard with the group. I would hope that the professional level of coaching he got at an elite level Academy will stand him in good stead for the future and create habits that will hopefully become rooted and become part of the foundation of his career.”

Jadhav had played for the Indian under 17 team during the Under-17 FIFA World Cup held in India in 2017. Mowbray also asserted that Jadhav has a few things which he needs to develop in the coming days.

“His habits to play at the top level, the little things that he doesn’t quite do naturally are quite obvious to me. He doesn’t have this peripheral vision, you should be knowing what your (teammates) are doing without really turning around to look,” the coach explained.

“He has to develop these things, these things come from repetition every single day, maybe for years for some people."

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