Football is a ray of hope for Reuben Letkhotinchon

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Odisha FC’s Reuben Letkhotinchon has gone through many hardships in life but football and Odisha FC have provided the much-needed hope for him. The 18-year-old lad from Manipur lost his father at a young age and his brother is the only earning member in the family which is not so well to do.

Reuben’s mother has also some serious illness but the striker chose to take up football professionally and this decision has gone well for him. He is now one of India’s finest strikers in the youth category and the club, as well as, Aspire have helped him not only in his game but also worked for his financial stability.

Reuben, who joined Odisha FC in January 2018, went to train at the Aspire Academy for the first time in September 2018. He expressed his delight over getting an opportunity to train at the world-famous academy in Doha. Reuben spoke about the experience of training in Doha and said that the academy has some incredible trainers who have helped him grow and become a responsible player for the future.

“We train here at Aspire which is a world-class academy. It’s a whole new level when it comes to the facilities. In short, I have become a better player. I have become more responsible and more technical in my approach towards the game. The facilities provided here are very good and the coaching staff are supportive and they are incredible trainers. I shall always be grateful towards Odisha FC for the trust and confidence that they have shown towards me,” said Reuben.

“Odisha FC management has ensured that I get benefitted by playing football. This is just the beginning and I look forward to doing well in the sport in my future as well,” the youngster added.

Reuben’s brother Haominlun expressed, “Definitely, the training experience at the Aspire will be instrumental in producing future stars of Indian football. I am thankful to Odisha FC for helping my brother to train in Doha. It was a mixture of joy and tears in our family when his selection news first came in.”

Speaking about the four Odisha FC players training at Aspire, Head Coach Mr. Josep Gombau said, “I know them. Last year all of them come near us to play and they all have a very good future. They also played for one month with us when we had our pre-season in Doha and wish them well for their future.” 

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