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Was worried that Premier League would opt to null and void the season, admits Jurgen Klopp

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Was worried that Premier League would opt to null and void the season, admits Jurgen Klopp

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Jurgen Klopp has confessed that he was worried that the Premier League would be forced to render the 2019/20 season null and void, following the footsteps of others across Europe. The option to render the season null and void was on the table but the idea was soon scrapped over other concerns.

Before the coronavirus hit Europe, Liverpool needed only two wins from their nine games to lift their first ever Premier League title. That could have been shortened to just one win if Arsenal beat Manchester City before the Merseyside Derby but lockdown ensured that the Reds would be forced to wait for a little longer. Not just that, Arsenal’s defeat to Manchester City in one of the first games back ensured that the Reds wouldn’t be lifting their title at Goodison Park.

However, things could change if Manchester City lose to Burnley but that was never Jurgen Klopp’s biggest concern. When football went into lockdown and postponed over the coronavirus, there were a number of ideas and scenarios thrown about as to how to end the season. While Project Restart was eventually created from that, there were talks of voiding the season completed. Klopp went onto admit that it was his biggest concern but the league eventually made the right move.

"I got worried when they started talking about voiding the season. It would've been really, really, really hard. I felt it physically. We were really happy when it was decided we'd play again. There were moments during the discussions -- you know how long they were -- where people brought it up from time to time, for different reasons and when that was off the table I felt relieved," Klopp said in his pre-match press conference.

"If they did points per game and we couldn't have played then we would have been champions, but now we aren't. We have to play for it, that's great -- that's how it should be in sports. And now we go for it."

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