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Inter Milan, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid to be part of Solidarity Cup in 2021

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Inter, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid will be a part of the event


Inter Milan, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid to be part of Solidarity Cup in 2021

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Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and Real Madrid along with three other European clubs will co-host a Solidarity Cup in 2021 to send a message of solidarity and unity among nations in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. The event, however, will be hosted once spectators are allowed inside stadiums.

Countries like Spain, Italy and England have been massively affected by the Corona-virus outbreak, with the death toll rising each day. While the Bundesliga has already opened shop after two-month hibernation, other European leagues might follow a similar path soon. With all matches likely to be played in front of empty stands in the near future, some of the top clubs in Europe are set to host a Solidarity Cup, when the situation gets normal, most probably next year. 

Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, along three other major European clubs are set to co-host the tournament with a motive to send a message of solidarity and use the proceeds to support medical infrastructures post the Covid-19 outbreak. Three teams will host one match each as part of a round-robin group, with Inter Milan to play Bayern Munich (Milan), Real Madrid vs Inter Milan (Madrid) and Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid (Munich).

"The COVID-19 pandemic has hit people all over the world with great force. The great commitment of all healthcare workers has been essential to now allow us to look to the future,” Saud Steven Zhang, Inter Milan Club president, as reported by The Times of India. 

"With this initiative, we want to thank them and celebrate their work and at the same time send a message of unity and solidarity between nations," added the official.

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