Bundesliga SRL Round-Up | Fortuna Dusseldorf, RB Leipzig and Augsburg win in triple header

Bundesliga SRL Round-Up | Fortuna Dusseldorf, RB Leipzig and Augsburg win in triple header

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An easy Sunday in the Bundesliga SRL with just three games to watch and for what might be the first time this season, all three away sides walked away with wins. Koln fell flat on their faces against Fortuna Dusseldorf, RB Leipzig fought back to snatch a win and Schalke handed Augsburg a win.

FC Koln 1-2 Fortuna Dusseldorf

Now while the second half had all the goals, the first half had its fair share of action with both sides taking a total of eleven shots on goal. However, a large portion of those were Dusseldorf showing the Bundesliga that they still had something left in their tank. The away side walked into the game with the better record and made sure Koln knew that from the get go. Yet despite that, neither side could find the net and that put all the pressure on the second half.

Which responded in like although the goals took their own sweet time to arrive. The first one was scored by Dusseldorf, who walked into the restart the same way the walked out of the first half. Four shots in the opening 15 minutes including a goal, eleven minutes into the restart. That lit a fire under Koln, who switched things around and found their groove. That would lead the equaliser in the 74th minute but the game was far from over as both sides searched for the winner. It would arrive and as the Augsburg players celebrated scoring in the 87th minute, Koln simply gave up.

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Mainz 05 1-2 RB Leipzig

Once title contenders, the club from Leipzig had failed to live up to their full potential and instead had fallen short of both Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. And nothing proved their struggles as the first half against Mainz 05 with the hosts dominating the opening 45 minutes. That doesn’t mean that RB Leipzig didn’t have their fair share of chances but the away side simply failed to take them and it saw Mainz walk into the half-time break with a one goal lead.

Things then changed in the second half as Leipzig found their footing and despite Mainz hogging the ball, the visitors still managed to make an impact. They certainly took their time but Julian Naglesmann’s men eventually found their groove and fired home the equaliser in the 72nd minute. They were far from done, however, and took four more shots before the end of the game eventually finding the winner in the 85th minute.

Schalke 04 1-2 Augsburg

Poor Schalke. They started the season brilliantly and at one stage were in contention for the league title but a lack of consistency and injuries saw them fall off the stage. Since then David Wagner and his men have struggled to find their way back to the top and nothing proves why as much as this result does. The first half saw both sides struggle to make an impact but out of the five shots that Augsburg had, two found the net.

In return, Schalke had only three shots on goal in the opening half but only managed to find the target once although things would change slightly in the second half. They took six more shots on goal and only managed to find the target two more times although they did pull one goal back in the 69th minute. That left them more than enough time to change the game and find the equaliser but once again they simply failed to take their chances.

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