Thought I would go to Barcelona but PSG were more decisive and faster, claims Georginio Wijnaldum

Thought I would go to Barcelona but PSG were more decisive and faster, claims Georginio Wijnaldum

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Georginio Wijnaldum spent five years at Liverpool



Georginio Wijnaldum, who signed for Paris Saint-Germain earlier this month, has admitted that he always thought he was going to Barcelona but the Ligue 1 side proved to be more decisive. The Dutch star also added that he wanted everything decided before the Euros began in order to clear his mind

While reports at the start of the season indicated that he was set to leave as a free agent, nothing was ever confirmed until the very last moment for Georginio Wijnaldum. However, a farewell after Liverpool’s final home game all but confirmed that the midfielder was set to leave as a free agent after spent five years at the club. But his future was more or less decided with Wijnaldum set to sign for Barcelona on a free transfer. 

But the move never materialized in the end with PSG swooping in and taking charge of the situation with them eventually reportedly offering the midfielder a far better package. Yet despite him signing for the Ligue 1 giants, Georginio Wijnaldum admitted that he always believed he was going to sign for Barcelona. However, the new PSG man also added that the Parisians were more decisive and faster with their offer which combined with their project, changed his mind.

"What I can say is that I made a different choice. It was a difficult choice. We negotiated with Barcelona for four weeks, but we have not come to an agreement. PSG was more decisive and faster. The project also really appealed to me,” Wijnaldum said, reported ESPN.

“But it was difficult. I have to say that I also thought I would go to Barcelona. That was the only club that was really interested in me for a long time.”

The Dutch midfielder is a part of Frank de Boer’s Netherlands squad for the Euros with the Dutch side amongst the favourites to lift the trophy in July. It saw Wijnaldum admit that he wanted his future decided before the tournament started otherwise it would play with his head during. He also added that it’s a relief that it has been decided and he can now focus his attention on the competition.

"During the European Championship you want to be one hundred percent focused on the tournament. It was a hectic week in which I had to make choices. They are two big clubs that I would like to play for. It's a relief that I've made the choice before the European Championship, because it's going to play in your head anyway,” he added.

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