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FIFA’s proposals would lead to direct and destructive impact on club game, proclaims ECA

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The FIFA World Cup


FIFA’s proposals would lead to direct and destructive impact on club game, proclaims ECA

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In a statement, the European Club Association (ECA) have confessed that FIFA’s proposals to change the International Match Calendar (IMC) would have a destructive impact on club football. This comes in light of FIFA’s plans to ratify a World Cup every two year while reducing international breaks.

With the 2022 World Cup in Qatar around the corner, it has seen FIFA start rolling the red carpet for their plans for the future with a men’s World Cup’s two years the star of the show. However, that plan has not gone down well with anyone, although FIFA has quite a lot of support from more than a legends of the game including Peter Schmeichel, Ronaldo Nazziro and a few others. But in light of Fifa's head of global development Arsene Wenger’s latest interview, the ECA has released a statement that condemns the whole plan.

The statement from the European Club Association (ECA) reveals that they refute the fact that the changes to the IMC (International Match Calendar) would remove the “chaos” and “congestion in football”. The statement also revealed that the ECA believes that the changes FIFA plans to make will destroy and disrupt the game although they do agree that changes need to be made to the IMC.

“ECA has been clear in its position that changes are needed to the IMC. A modernised and simpler IMC needs to be founded on fewer release windows; better player protection and health; and a balanced approach to club and international football. To that end, ECA has made clear – publicly, privately and repeatedly – its availability to engage with FIFA to agree what those changes should be,” reads the statement on the ECA’s website.

“ECA has therefore followed with grave concern and alarm FIFA’s launch of active PR campaigns and much pretence, apparently seeking to railroad through reforms to the IMC, particularly the introduction of a biennial World Cup. 

“Aside from the notable lack of genuine (or indeed any) consultation, and as many stakeholders have pointed out in recent days, FIFA’s proposals would lead to a direct and destructive impact on the club game, both domestically and internationally. In addition, the proposals would put players’ health and wellbeing at risk. 

“They would dilute the value and meaning of club and country competitions. They would diminish and conflict with women’s and youth football – being under-represented areas of the game where ECA and others are committing significant time, talent and resources – while also subordinating other sporting tournaments and interests at all levels worldwide,” it added.

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