Was pretty much all set up for me to play at Real Madrid but I left, reveals Neymar

Was pretty much all set up for me to play at Real Madrid but I left, reveals Neymar

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Paris Saint-Germain superstar Neymar has opened up on a trial he had with Real Madrid and admitted that everything was set for him to sign for them but he felt homesick and left. The Brazilian eventually signed for Barcelona and spent four years at the club before leaving for PSG.

Ever since he left Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2017, few players on this planet have been linked with a move to Spain more than Neymar. However, while several reports have claimed that Real Madrid have been insistent on signing the Brazilian, no move has materialized with Neymar still plugging on in Paris. But the rumours haven’t stopped and even now, despite signing a new deal, Neymar has been linked with a move to Madrid.

Yet, the 30-year-old has now revealed that he has played for the club in the past, when he spent about a week on trial at Real Madrid nearly two decades ago. Neymar admitted that the move was a dream for him but he eventually left to go back home because he was homesick despite the fact that everything was set-up for him to sign permanently.  

"When I was 10 Real Madrid invited me for a try-out. I was thrilled, I was so happy, I watched their practice. It was during the Galacticos era. I watched their game. I watched a game and I think all the goals were scored by Brazilians. I think two by Ronaldo, one by Robinho and a free-kick from Julio Baptista and another by Roberto Carlos," Neymar said in a podcast on Twitch.

"After the game I got a picture with all of them. I was over the moon. I stayed there for a week, for the try-out. It lasted for four of five days. On the fifth day they wanted to take me to a championship being held in Barcelona MIC Cup but I quit. I got really homesick and I wanted to go back home. 

“It was pretty much all set up for me to play at Real Madrid but then I got back. It's funny because I met Pablo Sarabia playing at PSG and he was there too at Real Madrid back then. He remembers everything, that I was there for a few days and then I left."

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