East Bengal fires 35 goals in Kanyashree Cup, set club record

East Bengal fires 35 goals in Kanyashree Cup, set club record

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The Behala Aikya Sammilani side was humiliated 35-0 by the East Bengal women's team in the Calcutta Women's Football League. The Red and Gold Brigade will stop at nothing to win the competition, also known as the Kanyashree Cup, which will provide winners access to this year's Indian Women's League.

The high-scoring game included 10 different goal scorers, six hat tricks, and the team's fourth straight shutout of the competition. This is how the scorecard was written: Gita (3', 20', 27', 39', 40'), Deblina (8', 21', 24', 29', 35'), Tanushree (13', 18'), Kabita (15', 43', 50', 52', 70', 75') Birsi (31'), Sushmita (32', 36', 38', 67'), Mousumi (59', 79', 81', 85', 86', 90'), Aishwarya (69', 77', 79'), Piyali (74'), Sulanjana (75', 89').

The club management claims that this enormous victory has shattered a few records. According to the Indian Football Association, these include the club record for the biggest victory ever and a record in any IFA-sponsored women's competition (IFA).

Sujata Kar, the head coach, dramatically undersells their historic victory. "In reality, the team we beat 35-0 was very young. They are still learning their football. Sure, the confidence of our team has surely increased, but we have a long way to go," she said.

"The games we will play in the future will be tougher and harder," the coach added. The Kolkata-based team has won all four of its games while scoring 55 goals and allowing none so far. But how will they ensure that they keep up this form?

"The reason I keep changing the starting line-up is so that overconfidence doesn't creep in the camp. A player shouldn't feel too comfortable and see themselves as someone who can't be dropped," Kar commented.

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