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Indian Super League 2016
Mumbai City FC vs FC Goa
30th Sep 2016
Live scores, match results, commentary -

Follow all the action in the Indian Super League 2016 match between Mumbai City FC and FC Goa at India. The kickoff will be at 1:30 PM on October 21st 2016.

Our live coverage gives you minute by minute updates along with all the key moments in the game. In a battle of wits between two Indian Super League 2016, will Mumbai City FC or FC Goa own the bragging rights at the end of 90 minutes.

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    Goa win 0-1 for first victory of season

    Mumbai have one last stab at an equalizer as Goncalves brings down David Lalrimpuia 25 yards from goal. Can Forlan do it?

    He does not as Goa manage to clear the ball away and the whistle goes off. FC Goa have finally managed to win their first game of the season deservedly. They were the better team on the day creating more chances while the Mumbai frontline was non-existent. On a day when the heat and humidity had a major role to play, Goa would be happy with the narrow win.

    Will this kickstart their season that has sputtered and struggled so far?


    Goncalves a brilliant run into the box and makes an attempt but it is blocked and the ball falls kindly for Desai who crosses it into the path of Cesar at the far post. Cesar slams it into Mumbai goalkeeper Netto, but manages to send the rebound into the nets. But, he is offside and misses a chance to put the match to bed.


    Goa miss chance to make it 0-2

    Cesar makes a good attempt on goal from the distance and down the left, but Netto is up for the shot at the far post and palms it away.


    Zico's side are 5 minutes away from their first win of the season.

    Mumbai earn a freekick from 30 yards away on the left flank, but Forlan's kick goes so wide off the goal. Yet again, the ex-United man disappoints.


    Mumbai desperate but toothless

    Mumbai are desperate for an equalizer, but they have been ineffective in the final third. Ashutosh sends a distant cross into the box for a non-existent attacker. Diego Forlan appears annoyed with the passage of play, but he has been equally to blame.

    Jackichand tries another cross but it ends up as an easy take for the Goa goalkeeper.


    Norde misses

    Norde gets the ball and runs in between three defenders and reaches the top of the box, but he elects to shoot instead of passing it to Jackichand who was in a better position to his right and unmarked. He is unable to clear the first man.

    FCG LucioJ.M. Gonzalez

    Tired football out there

    Both teams appear to be exhausted and the game looks headed for a 1-0 result unless Mumbai accomplish something dramatic. And they gather a chance for that immediately.

    Ashutosh's kick from the right flank wins them a corner, but the resultant cornerkick by Alves is dealt with competently by Goa shotstopper Chaudhary.

    FCGM.R. DessaiP. Shirodkar

    Corner for Goa

    Goa win a corner down the right. But Cesar's kick into the near post is easily cleared by Khongjee. Pratesh is down as the heat and the humidity gets to one more player and he is stretchered off.

    FCGD. RoyK. Almeida


    The heat is getting on to the players. Goa rightback Keenan is off the field and Debrata comes in his place.

    MCFCD. LalrinmuanaR. Oram

    Goa press on

    Goa are dominating the play here. They win a corner down the left, but Mehta is down after some play-acting behind Robin Singh before the corner is even taken. The Delhi lad is unlucky to get a yellow card.

    The resultant corner turns out to be a dud, but Jackichand steals the ball and runs ahead to pass to Ralte, but the cross into the box is just over Jackichand and Goa clear the lines.


    Missed chances

    Felisbino sends in a gorgeous cross from the left to find Robin Singh in the middle of the box, but he was surrounded by three men, and his first touch just did not allow for anything more. Joffre tries to find Cesar in the box, but he is brought down at the line by Mehtab and the referee waves play on. Goa could have had a legitimate shot at a penalty there.


    Jackichand uses his quick feet to make a couple of yards for himself at the left corner of the box, but his curling right foot ends up safely in the hands of the Goa shot-stopper.


    Defederico out

    Defederico is down all of a sudden. He appears to have cramped. He has been substituted by Alves. The Argentinian was Goa's best man on the field today and they will miss his presence in the field now.

    MCFCO.B. AlvesM. Defederico