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Heart-breaking losses, Paneka penalties and a retirement: A Complete History of Lionel Messi’s failures with Argentina

Arguably the greatest player ever, Argentina’s most capped and their record goalscorer, with twice the number of goals Diego Maradona managed. And yet, for all those stats, all his trophies and those individual accolades, Messi’s time with Argentina has been nothing but a series of heart-breaks.
Siddhant Lazar
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El Diego’s incredible flaws made him human but make no mistake; he was a sporting icon and a God

How do you define or measure greatness? Is it by the impact that someone has made or the number of lives they’ve touched? Or the number of tributes they leave their mortal remains for something more ethereal? Or the statistics that they put up during the time they did spend on this planet?
Siddhant Lazar
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FIFA World Cup 2018 | How teams can advance to the knockout stages

Apart from the obvious qualification criteria of the two teams topping a group, FIFA has also put up as many as seven different parameters, which would help them decide who qualifies in case the points are the same. We look at how all the eligible teams can make it to the knockouts of the World Cup.
Subhayan Dutta
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10 football moments to remember in 2016

It’s been an action-filled 2016 for all football aficionados all across the globe with some memorable performances for fans to remember. We’ve witnessed some spectacular football all year round so here are the top 10 footballing moments of the year:
Tejas Sirohi
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Top ten international goal scorers in the world right now

While most football fans, including myself, prefer club football, it is the international tournaments that make football the most popular game in the world. One in seven people in the world tuned in to see the 2014 FIFA World Cup final while the 2015 Champions League final attracted just 380m.
Faizan Qadiri
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Lionel Messi and Argentina | What happened to the fairytale?

A powerful strike into the left corner from Silva marked the third successive loss for Argentina in a final and minutes later, a distraught Messi announced his decision to retire from international football, ending an 11-year fairytale for the Magician with Argentina. Where did it all go wrong?
Arun S Kaimal
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Euro XI v Copa America XI | Who would win the battle of the greats?

Ever wondered who would have come out on the top if the Copa team was pitted against the best team from Euro? Here’s a sneak preview into who makes the cut for the best of the best.
Utkarsh Arora