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featurefootball7 days ago

2022/23 Premier League Previews | Four teams and their mission to break beyond mid-table mediocrity

The 2022/23 Premier League season is around the corner but while some have their hearts set on titles and trophies, others have their goals set on European football and lots of money. It means for the rest, their dreams and aspirations have been placed slightly lower than most at a mid-table place.
Siddhant Lazar
featurefootball3 months ago

Sportscafe’s 2021/22 Premier League season’s end of season awards

A proper nine-month season and it’s all over but like always it’s been one hell of a ride because that’s the Barclays for you. It was filled with the meh, the insane, a whole lotta chaos, the absolutely incredulous, a few billion goals and, so without further ado here’s the end of season awards.
SportsCafe Desk
featurefootballa year ago

Fantasy Premier League 2021/22 | Unearthing the new, improved and ready to shine budget superstars

The 2021/22 Premier League season is around the corner and it brings with it all the headaches of a brand new Fantasy Premier League season. With a budget of a 100 million, price increases and positional changes, the world needs their budget options and that does mean saying goodbye to old friends.
Siddhant Lazar