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featurefootball2 months ago

Relegation drama and the battle for Europe: How the Premier League’s final day could pan out

A year’s worth of Premier League football and still nothing is certain beyond the fact that Liverpool are Champions and Norwich City are relegated. Everything else is still in contention with the battle for Champions League, Europa League and Premier League football going down to the final day.
Siddhant Lazar
featurefootball6 months ago

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 29 – Four mistakes not to make

The second double gameweek of the season is here and it’s a predictably boring one with the FPL gods giving Manchester City and Arsenal two games each. However, with the FA Cup still in the running and two DGWs and a Blank Gameweek coming around the bend, things become even more complicated.
Siddhant Lazar
featurefootball9 months ago

Watford's plight proves that being mid-table club is deceptively simple

February 22, 2019, Watford are in seventh place and everything is right in the world. More than a month later and they’ve beaten Wolves in the most dramatic FA Cup semi-final in the history of the competition to reach their first FA final in 35 years and everything is still fine with the world.
Siddhant Lazar
featurefootballa year ago

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3 | Differential picks

Gameweek 3’s deadline is bearing down upon us, as we embark on yet another Fantasy Premier League weekend. But with Aston Villa facing Everton on the 23rd, it does mean that the transfer deadline is bearing down on us, which changes a lot for us and it’s where a differential star walks in.
Siddhant Lazar