Junior Shooting World Cup | India win four gold, five silver and two bronze medals

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Indian shooting colts produced a brilliant performance in the ongoing Junior Shooting World Cup, being held in Germany on Sunday, as they have garnered four gold, five silver, and two bronze medals so far. The only anomaly thus far was the rifle-prone events where India are yet to win a medal.

It was the Indian pistol shooters who hogged all the limelight in the warm-up tournament as their performance propelled the team to the top of the medals table on Sunday. They are followed by Russia and Norway on the medals table with two gold medals each, while China and Thailand sit fourth and fifth with one gold medal.

Apart from Udhayveer Sidhu and Gaurav Rana winning gold in the individual 25-metre standard pistol and the 50-metre free pistol events respectively, the Indian shooters also clinched the yellow metal in the team event to further boost the tally.

The rifle shooters were, however, disappointed with Kinnori Konar shooting 621.6 for the ninth place in the junior women’s section and it was India’s only contention. However, the trap shooters made up for it with some promising displays.

Khelo India Youth Games champion Manavaditya Singh Rathore shot 72 following rounds of 25, 22, 25 in junior men’s trap event, which was the third-best score behind leader Thomas William Betts (74) of Britain. Others contending in the event were Bhowneesh Mendiratta (70), Vishwa Kundu (68), and Vivaan Kapoor (65).

The junior women’s trap saw Kirti Gupta shooting 68, following rounds of 24, 21 and 23. The remaining two rounds would be followed by the final for the top six on the morrow in the trap competition.

The results:

Junior men:

50m free pistol: 1. Gaurav Rana 553; 2. Arjun Singh Cheema 551; 3. Ihor Solovei (Ukr) 550; 4. Vijayveer Sidhu 547; 22. Sachin Bhati 516.

Team: 1. India 1651; 2. Belarus 1610; 3. Russia 1608.

25m standard pistol: 1. Udhayveer Sidhu 575; 2. Adarsh Singh 568; 3. Anish Bhanwala 566; 6. Vijayveer Sidhu 564; 9. Rajkanwar Singh Sandhu 560; 28. Dilshaan Kelley 560.

Team: 1. India 1707 WRJ; 2. India-A 1676; 3. Czech Republic 1673.

50m rifle prone: 1. Stefan Wadlegger (Aut) 623.4; 2. Grigoril Shamakov (Rus) 622.8; 3. Zhang Changhong (Chn) 622.3; 20. Abid Ali Khan 616.1; 24. Harshrajsinhji Gohil 615.3; 54. Fateh Singh Dhillon 606.3.

Team: 1. Germany 1861.7; 2. Norway 1852.5; 3. Austria 1852.3

Junior women:

50m rifle prone: 1. Jeanette Duestad (Nor) 627.9 WRJ; 2. Sara Karasova (Cze) 627.6; 3. Sheileen Waibel (Aut) 627.2; 9. Kinnori Konar 621.6; 23. Bhakti Bhaskar Khamkar 618.1; 27. Ayushi Podder 616.5; 43. Zenab Hussain Bandookwala 612.9; 55. Nischal 610.1; 73. Shirin Godara 603.9.

Team: 1.Norway 1865.5 WRJ; 2. China 1864.2; 3. Czech Republic 1659.1; 8. India-A 1847.5; 14. India 1835.6.

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