Premier League Gameweek 23: Overreaction Monday ft Jose Mourinho, Leicester City and a cursed Newcastle

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Premier League Gameweek 23: Overreaction Monday ft Jose Mourinho, Leicester City and a cursed Newcastle

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Siddhant Lazar


Overthinking and over-reacting to situations is the human way but when it comes to football rarely does a thought last more than a weekend unless it has something solid backing it. That being said after a packed weekend of incredulous fans in England, there were bound to be a few idiotic debates.

The end of 'Special One' Jose Mourinho

Winless in their last four games and the fact that they never looked like they would ever beat Watford has seen many take to the internet to claim that this is the end of Jose Mourinho.

SC Take: Oh Jose. You walked in as the next best thing for Tottenham, the man they needed at the right time and now two months in and talks of sacking isn’t good, is it? It was truly shocking watching Mourinho be his ever-charming self in the press conferences, maybe even a little scary but now it does look like his honeymoon period is over. It was long over for him and Spurs but now for Mourinho personally, this is where the grind begins And if this is how it is meant to be, then a sacking isn’t too far off. Maybe we’ve already seen the best of Jose.

Newcastle United are cursed

Nine injuries to their team-sheet including Jack Colback slipping and damaging a ligament in his knee, six substitutions in their last three games all to injuries and Steve Bruce’s upbeat persona have seen many claim the Magpies are cursed.

SC Take: Yes, yes they are cursed. And witches run this world which also happens to be an alternate dimension where Arsenal are bad and Tottenham are good. It’s a topsy turvy world where injuries are not injuries but instead have been replaced by calling players cursed. A little bizarre to say the least but that describes the Magpies perfectly. This is the side that appointed Joe Kinnear (twice, after sacking him the first time), signed Michael Owen, renamed an iconic stadium and made Alan Shearer play in goal. But no, they are cursed, their owner is crap and the world owes them for the mere fact that they exist.

Nick Pope deserves a place over Jordan Pickford at Euro 2020

A fantastic performance from Nick Pope saw commentator Jim Proudfoot claim that the Burnley shot-stopper deserved to be England’s number 1 over Jordan Pickford.

SC Take: Jordan Pickford is good but because he’s English and can play football using his feet, the Everton goalkeeper has been hyped beyond recognition. So yes, it’s shocking to say that Nick Pope should be playing above him for England because that’s never going to happen. No matter how much better Pope plays as compared to Pickford, and no matter how mistakes Pickford makes the Burnley man will never wear the number one. And especially not at the 2020 Euros because it’s coming home. In a perfect world, Nick Pope and Jack Butland will be England's number ones with Pickford looking in through the window, but this world is far from perfect.

Leicester City are done and dusted

The Foxes are in trouble with two wins in their last seven games and with the rest of the pack closing in, the world believes this is the end of Leicester City.

SC Take: Watching that Burnley game, it’s not hard to see exactly what many are insinuating against the Foxes because they dominated the ball for large portions of that game. But yet, it finished in Burnley’s favour with Leicester failing to make the most of their advantage and to make things even worse, it seems Jamie Vardy has fallen out of form. Questions are being asked of them and at the moment, the Foxes cannot answer. It might just be a bad patch but it certainly looks like they’ve run out of steam.

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