Overreaction Monday ft Mesut Ozil’s legacy, Players celebrating and Bruno Fernandes’ actual contributions

Overreaction Monday ft Mesut Ozil’s legacy, Players celebrating and Bruno Fernandes’ actual contributions

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Overreaction Monday - January 18th edition



Overthinking and over-reacting to situations is the human way but when it comes to football something clicks in a person that makes things comical, ludicrous and rarely sensible. That being said, after a jam-packed weekend of empty stadiums in Europe, there were bound to be a few hare-brained ideas.

Mesut Ozil’s legacy at Arsenal is seven wasted years

With Mesut Ozil having left for Fenerbahce, the Daily Mail’s Ian Ladyman has written that the German’s time at Arsenal, seven and a half years, have been nothing but a waste.

SC Take: Seven and a half years after he signed for a then club record sum, Mesut Ozil has left Arsenal and it has seen the Daily Mail’s Ian Ladyman claim that the German has done nothing for English football. Well, technically he isn’t wrong with Ozil winning no trophies…oh sorry apart from the four FA Cups he played a key role in. The German scored no goals then….33 apparently in the Premier League and contributed to 58 assists. 

Ladyman goes on to admit that Ozil’s abilities like his passing and remarkable vision alongside his nuance to read a situation is exceptional; but then says, he can’t run. Now that is an overreaction especially when you consider that when Ozil has played, he has more often than not ran more than Aaron Ramsey, and yes this was back when the Welshman was still at Arsenal. If anything, Arsenal failed Ozil more than Ozil failed Arsenal although the two do go hand in hand.

Marcus Rashford must pick between the kids and his “suffering football”

After Marcus Rashford put in a shift for Manchester United over the mid-week, it saw many on Twitter and a Telegraph article, claim that Rashford has to be careful to not let his football suffer.

SC Take: When Liverpool fans applaud and cheer a Manchester United player, then you know that the man being applauded is doing something right. When Everton thank him despite the club he plays for, you know he is doing something right and yet Marcus Rashford is the subject of articles and tweets like that. The Englishman hasn’t just been on point for Manchester United but he has stepped up whenever the club has needed him. 

So then why has a Telegraph article claimed that as a 23-year-old man, Rashford is capable of…multitasking. Especially in the age of multitasking, you can’t claim that a millennial, even if he is a footballer, can’t do that. Because claiming that Marcus Rashford acting as a food superhero outside football will damage his football is possibly the most nonsensical thing ever written. 

Players shouldn’t be celebrating by hugging after scoring goals

While football continues in a COVID-19 pandemic, the world is still shocked at the fact that players hug each other after scoring goals no matter which game it is.

SC Take: This is far from an overreaction, although it could be termed more of an attack on the players if one needs to take it that far. It is not needed though but of all the takes this week, this one kinda sorta makes some sense, especially when you consider the fact that the world is in the middle of a global pandemic. Should they be hugging anyway?? Probably not but it is understandable and most definitely not a factor in spreading the virus, especially since these are players locked in the same bio-bubble.

What does Bruno Fernandes do aside from outside of contributing to goals and assists

In the aftermath of arguably his worst performance in a Manchester United kit, it has seen the interweb, filled with Manchester United fans, ask what does Bruno Fernandes actually do?

SC Take: It’s finally here. A year since he signed, or thereabouts, and the Bruno Fernandes propaganda is now being spread by Manchester United fans no less. The fact that it comes after a dull, but intriguing, draw against Liverpool makes it sound even worse. Especially since Fernandes didn’t exactly have his best game as a United player, some might say it was arguably his worst, although claiming that he only provides goals and assists is an overreaction. 

The Portuguese midfielder has transformed the way Manchester United play football and there is no two ways about it. Without Fernandes United won’t be sitting where they are. And the fact that people are using goals and assists as a way to play down his abilities is just weird. Football matches are quite literally won or lost on goals or assists, it’s just that simple. And to have a man producing that at an insane level in one of the best leagues in the world and still complain that he does nothing but produce “goals and assists”, is just weird.

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