Laser World Championship 2022 | Tokyo Olympian Vishnu Saravan finishes 33rd

Laser World Championship 2022 | Tokyo Olympian Vishnu Saravan finishes 33rd

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After 12 rounds of racing over six days in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, Indian sailor Vishnu Saravanan finished 33rd in the men's Laser World Championships 2022. He represented India in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and was sailing in the gold fleet after placing 47th in six qualifying races.

The best 63 sailors from a fleet of 126 were selected for the gold fleet, which sailed for medals, while the rest battled for placement in the silver fleet. Vishnu Saravanan, 23, scored a net score of 105 after scoring nine, 16, 41, 27, 12, and 42 in the qualifiers. For the final rankings, sailors can disregard their poorest finish.

Vishnu finished 12th, 26th, 11th, 44th, 39th, and 29th in the final six regattas. He dropped his 44th-place finish to finish with a net total of 222 and a final rank of 33. His best finish in the world championship occurred in 2021 when he finished in 25th place. In 2019, he ranked 84th.

Conversely, the other Indian sailor in the fleet, Gitesh Nain, ended with a 102nd place finish. After placing 101st in the qualifications, he was sailing in the silver fleet. Jean-Baptiste Bernaz of France, a four-time Olympian, was declared the new world champion. He had a total of 51 points.

Meanwhile, Pavlos Kontides, the two-time world champion from Cyprus, took silver with a score of 68. Filip Jurisic of Croatia finished third (75). Thomas Saunders, the 2021 champion, finished fourth, two points short of the podium.

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