Asia Cup 2022 | Rohit Sharma embraces his role as India's new poster boy in sizzling rivalry promo

Asia Cup 2022 | Rohit Sharma embraces his role as India's new poster boy in sizzling rivalry promo

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Rohit Sharma takes centrestage in a brilliant new Asia Cup promo


Star Sports

Rohit Sharma has revealed his cinematic skills to the world by featuring in a new advertisement for the match against Pakistan in the upcoming Asia Cup. The Indian skipper was seen speaking lucid quotes while discussing the importance of the rivalry between two countries in cricket and beyond.

In the game of cricket, a match between India and Pakistan is as big as rivalries get. All other encounters fade in the face of a clash between these two titans of the game, gripping more than one and a half billion people in the subcontinent as they sit glued to the screens. Star Sports, the official broadcaster of the upcoming Asia Cup, is well aware of this fact and has come up with a brilliant promo to announce to the world the big date is coming soon.

Their latest advertisement shows the face of Indian cricket, all-format skipper Rohit Sharma, taking to the crease while his voiceover echoes on the screen. Cinematic shots of him mixed with that of Pakistan skipper Babar Azam and their strike bowler Shaheen Afridi roll one after the other while Rohit in vivid words explains what the match means to both countries. Throughout, the scene builds up to Sharma getting ready to face a delivery as Afridi steams in and climaxes just as the ball is about to be released before a graphic declares in big and bold letters that "The greatest rivalry is back."   


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The two countries will play each other after nine long months in their opening encounter of the tournament on 28th August. The way the competition is structured, they may end up battling thrice including the grand final on 11th September, before meeting again in the World T20's opening match in October.

The 40-second promo truly encapsulates the essence of the great heritage the India-Pakistan match entails, hyping up the encounter in the best way possible.

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