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What is 'Mankad' and how did the term originate

If you’re someone who is an avid follower of cricket, chances are that you would have come across the term ‘mankad’ or ‘mankading’, for the wrong reasons, of course. It is a form of dismissal that inflicts controversy like nothing else, but have you ever wondered how the term originated?
Anirudh Suresh
featuresports4 hours ago

Satire Saturday | Sourav Ganguly calls Ehsan Mani to make up for COVID-19-induced losses

It is an unprecedented time for the cricket world and easily the worst since World War - II. The losses that cricket has been suffering is way beyond comprehension. And that eventually forced the BCCI boss to keep the board’s ego aside and call Pakistan to schedule a tour to make up for the losses.
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket6 hours ago

Why selectors are not to be blamed for overlooking individuals from winning sides

As a cricket fan in India, every year, certain episodes repeat itself. So much so that it becomes an annual ritual of sorts. You have players from the class of ‘11 dissing Dhoni for absolutely no reason and then you have the likes of Manoj Tiwary getting agitated over going unsold in IPL auction.
Anirudh Suresh
featuresportsa day ago

Friday Fights | The Big ODI Fight - Hashim Amla vs Rohit Sharma

While the last three encounters were mouth-watering, none would get better than it - Hashim Amla vs Rohit Sharma. History has never seen two openers dominate as much as these two in the modern day and what happens when they go head-to-head in terms of statistics? Let’s find out, today!
Aakash Sivasubramaniam
featurecricketa day ago

Why Chris Lynn did not live up to his potential in Australian colours

‘Brutalised’ is a word that is thrown around way too much in the sporting world and often misused. But back in 2015, when commentators referred to Chris Lynn’s batting as ‘brutal’, there was nothing inaccurate about the description. If anything, it was, at times, an understatement.
Anirudh Suresh
featurefootballa day ago

Frozen, Suspended and with no end in sight but the world's bond with football thrives

‘Don’t those people need that money? Maybe, but they need football too.’ It stunned Fergus Sutter or so The English Game tells us but it could just be creative leeway. Either way, in its own way, the tv show showed just how much people depended on football before it was truly football.
Siddhant Lazar
featurecricketa day ago

The story behind MS Dhoni’s helicopter shot

Why is it called a Helicopter Shot? Who named it? This is a question that keeps popping up in the many Barbershop discussions I have been part of. But do you know, the shot made famous by MS Dhoni, a throwback to his maidan days in Ranchi, has an interesting backstory - a kind of Bollywood script.
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket2 days ago

Fact check | Why Yuvraj Singh’s statement on MS Dhoni not backing him is utterly wrong

'I have more memories of time under Sourav because of the support he gave me. I didn’t have that kind of support from Mahi and Virat,' was the statement from Yuvraj Singh to Sportstar a couple of days ago. While he may have done a classic comparison of style, there was more to it than meets the eye.
Bastab K Parida
featuresports2 days ago

Throwback Thursday | MS Dhoni’s six clinches India their first World Cup in 28 years

Welcome to the series where we present you a moment, a game in history that has shaped the way the sport has been played, in our weekly segment ‘Throwback Thursday.' This week, we recap the historic 2011 World Cup Final between India and Sri Lanka, which incidentally happened exactly 9 years ago.
Anirudh Suresh
featuresports3 days ago

What if Wednesday | What if Karnataka had dropped Mayank Agarwal in 2017

In the winter of 2017, a then 26-year-old Mayank Agarwal had what many believe is the greatest domestic season by an Indian ever, scoring over 2000 runs across the three premier domestic competitions. But what if Karnataka had decided to drop the opener after his pair against Hyderabad?
Anirudh Suresh