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featuresports24 days ago

SportsCafe’s best performances of the year

Oh, 2020 has been rather a half and half, at times frustrating our lives with no sporting action while at the other times, providing us so much action that we couldn’t quite handle. From what we could handle, we present to you SportsCafe’s best performance of the year, from Healy to Nadal.
SportsCafe Desk
featuresports6 months ago

Truthful Tuesday | Go ahead, BCCI. Nothing wrong in clashing with WBBL

An oasis in the middle of a desert is a comforting illusion and a thriving modicum that lets the world feel the vibe in a way nothing else can. Women’s Cricket in India, out of nowhere, has found that dimmed light and, if anything, it has come as a celebration of a whole lot more.
Bastab K Parida
featuresportsa year ago

Good, Bad & Ugly ft Mitchell Starc’s flight back to Australia and Paraguay-born Ronaldinho

This week, too, pretty much started off as good, turned bad midweek before the ugly incidents turned the week around dramatically. We have the Women’s World Cup playing as a protagonist amidst the hush-hush of the footballing calendar - including the dreaded incident in the FA Cup.
Aakash Sivasubramaniam