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We’re looking to change the offside law in time for Euro 2020, proclaims Arsene Wenger

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We’re looking to change the offside law in time for Euro 2020, proclaims Arsene Wenger

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Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed that FIFA are trying to make adaptations to the offside law that could potentially end the current VAR chaos. The Frenchman is FIFA’s head of global development and is looking to make the major overhaul of the law before the start of the Euro 2020.

The offside law has been one of the major sticking points in the Premier League this season with players, managers and even football pundits all against the VAR’s decisions. It has seen little toes, armpits and even heels get a player ruled off side as the current rule states that any part of the head, body or feet that can be used to score is offside then the player is offside.

However, legendary Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger went on to admit that there is a plan in place to try and tweak the law so that it no longer causes any issues. He also added that the plan will be presented to the International FA Board meeting at the end of February with it potentially being changed and implemented in time for the Euro 2020 which will be used as a trial run.

There are eight votes in total available at the International Football Association Board as each of the four Home Nations have one vote each and FIFA holds the other four. For the law to be changed and then enacted, six votes are needed although reports indicated that FA, SFA, FA of Wales and Irish FA are expected to back Wenger's proposal as they believe it's the best way to put an end to the controversy.

“The most difficult issue that people have with VAR is the offside rule. You have had offsides by a fraction of a centimetre, literally by a nose. It is the time to do this quickly. There is room to change the rule and not say that a part of a player’s nose is offside, so you are offside because you can score with that. Instead you will be not offside if any part of the body that can score a goal is in line with the last defender, even if the other parts of the attacker’s body are in front,” Wenger told The Times.

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