WATCH | Rahat Ali and Faheem Ashraf combine to mess up an easy run-out against Ireland

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VIDEO | Rahat Ali and Faheem Ashraf combine to mess up an easy run-out against Ireland

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Pakistan and fielding mess-up has been a story that plays out time after time and they made sure Test debutants Ireland knew exactly what all the fuss was about on a cold day in Dublin. Today, Rahat Ali and Faheem Ashraf’s comedy of errors saw Will Porterfield surviving an easy run-out opportunity.

There is something about Pakistani fielding and running between the wickets that manage to capture eyeballs, most of the times for the wrong reasons though. There were few funny dismissals on the field which exist beyond the realms of silly ones and twos - Inzamam-ul-Haq of the silky skills and leaden boots. The legend has been as much legend for his skill or the lack of it between the wickets as for his inimitable talent. But, the legacy of bad ground fielding and running between the wickets has continued to yet another generation and it seems none is bothered about the same.

During the historic occasion of Ireland’s Test debut, both the teams decided to exhibit who can showcase their skills better and as it turned out Pakistan came out triumphant with the worst fielding of the day award. In the 33rd over of Ireland’s second innings, Rahat Ali bowled a back of a length delivery which Niall O’ Brien tucked to forward Short Leg. While O'Brien was sure that there was never a run on offer, Porterfield failed to judge that and came charging in for a single. However, he collided with the bowler, which on replay, seemed like the bowler tried to push him away. 

By then, Porterfield had realized his mistake and tried to return to his crease when Hasan Ali came in from mid-wicket and threw the ball at the non-striker's end. While he was almost half-way down the pitch, it would have been an easy run-out opportunity for Pakistan, but Faheem failed to gather the ball as it got stuck in between his legs. The drama provided the Irish skipper enough time to be back on the crease to survive probably what would have been one of the easiest run-out dismissals. 

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