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Decoding Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros and how Dominic Thiem can achieve the impossible

Despite hoping against the hope of someone other than Rafael Nadal winning the French Open, John McEnroe knows deep down that the Spaniard remains almost invincible with no competitor whatsoever. With Novak Djokovic now ousted, the only player to realistically challenge Nadal is Dominic Thiem.
Subhayan Dutta
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Novak Djokovic : Is the monster waiting to get out?

Novak Djokovic was clearly not the favorite against Fernando Verdasco after his near four-hour struggle against Roberto Bautista Agut last round. However, the Serb played some magnificent strokes in his win against the Spaniard, hinting that he has finally started breaking his mental shackles.
Subhayan Dutta
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Common Tennis Injuries

While the game of tennis has always been more injury-prone, there is very little awareness knowledge about injuries and stress-related issues. Here we take a look at various tennis injuries and its preventions.
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Rohan Bopanna - The many sides of Indian tennis' silent hero

In the cricket crazy bubble that India lives in, we, as sports fans, often forget to give due credit to the athletes who have excelled in sports that don’t involve leather and willow.
Faizan Qadiri
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Rafael Nadal Vows to End Roger Federer's Domination

Roger Federer might be on top of the world after winning the Men’s Singles in Australian Open, but he is yet to cover plenty of ground before he becomes the World No. 1 again. And Rafael Nadal, who is currently sitting atop the ATP rankings, has vowed to crush Federer’s hopes of overtaking him.
Ayesha d'Souza
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Who can make it to the ATP World Tour finals and how

The battle for a place at the ATP Finals, to be held in London from 12-19 November, comes down to the Paris Masters this week. While six slots have already been filled, there are currently seven players participating, who stand a chance to secure the two available berths at the season-ending finals.
Bastab K Parida
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Long recovery breaks and advanced conditining foresee ageing players dominate world tennis for years to come

Tennis has undergone a huge change over the years. No more can a knee or elbow surgery force the end of an athlete’s career, even if he has crossed his prime. With men’s tennis mostly dominated by players in their early and mid-thirties now, recovery breaks have become a growing trend.
Subhayan Dutta
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Roger Federer - A humble champion

Humility is a virtue of the strong and not a vice of the weak. But having said this, how an individual deals with success will always be the true test of one's humility. And though remaining down to earth amid the highs and lows may seem like a tough task, Roger Federer has shown us the way.
Rohit George
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Why the ongoing absence of Serena Williams is beneficial to women's tennis

While there is no denying the fact that Serena Williams has been missed ever since her Australian Open triumph this year, her absence may just bring back the competitive edge to tennis, owing to her dominance. Moreover, this might also give us our first glimpse of the post-Serena era.
Rohit George
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The second coming of Roger Federer

If his skill epitomized Federer's first reign at the top, his performances and results since his comeback from injury, so far this year, can be attributed to sheer will power and passion for his craft. Moreover, this could be the start of Federer's second tenure at the helm of world tennis
Rohit George