Results Score Australia vs New Zealand Test Test Series New Zealand vs Australia 28.02.2024

Best Players

Steven Peter Devereux Smithbatsman31714043.66
Khawaja Usmanbatsman28803135
Henry Mattbowler8.431711.9600
Southee Timbowler831902.3801

Latest Highlights


Length ball, pitching outside off stump. Khawaja pushes forward and edges


Pitching on a good line and length once again. Khawaja gets on the back foot but decides to let the ball go through to the wicketkeeper without offering a shot


Good length from Henry, pitching near leg stump and angling across the batter. Khawaja gets forward, and is hit on the pads while trying to play a glance. New Zealand appeal, but the umpire is unmoved.

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